A few of the main characters to be found in any Middle Oerth story.

Rutger (nicknamed "Worm"): Rutger is a lonely young man of 13 years, orphaned when is parents were killed in a freak juggling accident. Rutger has been raised by Melmuck, the town magician. Rutger is constantly teased and picked on, and most of the townsfolk dislike him, due to his skull shaped birthmark (which unfortunately covers his entire head).
     Worm is 4' 7" tall, with sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a deeply tanned complexion (which he got from that summer he was forced to spend on the roof of the Spastic Duck Inn). He is very slight of frame, and physically quite weak - enough so that the local boys - and girls - beat up on him constantly.

Earl: Earl is Worm's best friend, and the town's star darts champion (the game of star darts consists of hurling throwing stars at small animals, birds, and the occasional drunkard). He is well loved by all - in fact, the only thing that the townsfolk don't like about Earl is the fact that he is friends with Worm. Earl hopes one day to be able to earn a noble title - preferably that of Duke. Of course, Worm likes to point out that that would make him "Duke Earl", but Earl doesn't care.
     Earl is usually seen wearing is favourite outifit: A maroon shirt featuring lime green vertical stripes, tan and yellow checkered pants, and bowling shoes. He is only a bit older than Worm at 15 years of age.

Melmuck the Mage: Melmuck is feared and respected about town, not only for his magical might, but also for his fearsome body odour. He has taken pity on poor Worm, and lets the lad sleep under his latrine. Melmuck has an ancient secret, which he guards jealously - for you see, his so-called "magic" is little more than parlour tricks and sleight of hand. If the townsfolk found out, they'd probably start charging him rent on his tower again.
     Melmuck is pretty short himself - only 5'3", and he weighs in at a mere 105 pounds. he has long, white hair and a long, white beard, and has only three teeth (all at the front). Melmuck is usually seen wearing a dirty, wrinkled brown robe and carrying an ancient oak staff. On special occasions, under orders from King Crouton, Melmuck is dunked in the river in order to clean him up a bit.

Princess Olga: Olga (also known as "Olga the Cute" and "Olga the Cute, but Not as Cute as Cinthia, but Seeing Since Cintha Moved Away a Few Years Ago, Olga's the Best We's Got") is the daughter of good King Crouton. Worm has had a crush on Olga ever since the young lass accidentally let the impressionable lad see her ankle. Olga is vain, self-centered, and nasty, but secretly has a heart of gold. Or platinum, we can't be sure until we can do an autopsy. Seeing as Princess Olga is still alive, she has vetoed that idea for the time being.
     Olga looks exactly like Princess Leia from Star Wars (a cooincidence, I swear! Not copyright infringement at all!), and is usually seen wearing her favourite blue dress and blue pointy-headed conical hat thing.

Good King Crouton: Good King Crouton is a kind, benevolant ruler, who truly loves his people. Unfortunately, he has the brains of an over-ripe cabbage. Still, the people love him in return, and are willing to overlook the odd random execution, as long as it keeps Crouton happy. Crouton loves his daughter Olga very much, even if he does think she's a border collie named "Edgar".
     King Crouton is a short man (starting to look like everyone in Middle Oerth is short, huh?), standing only 4' 6" tall, but weighing in at a whopping 240 pounds. He has short brown hair and beard, shot through with grey. He has a large, thick nose (which he is very sensitive about - he gets quite upset when people call him "Good King Potato Nose") and large, rather floppy ears. King Crouton is always seen wearing a brown, furred robe, his crown (a golden crown, decorated with alternating platinum donkeys and silver turkeys) and large, black leather boots. heck