South-Eastern Feckleton

North-Eastern Feckleton

1. Town Square and VB Memorial Fountain: This is, as you may have guessed, the town square. It's most noteable feature is VB Memorial Fountain (VB standing for "Victory over the Brownies" - as King Crouton put it "Sure, brownies might not be all that dangerous, but hey, we still kicked their butts good!"). The Town Square is a favourite gathering place for the locals.

2. King Crouton Memorial Theater: This large theatre, built three years ago, was named the "King Crouton Memorial Theatre" - despite the fact that King Crouton was at the time (and indeed, is now) still alive. King Crouton had the architect executed, claiming the man "...obviously has it in for me."

3. Lord of the Rings: This is a local tavern, famous for its deep fried onion rings. Owned and operated by a halfling named Frieddough (a cute little guy, with a penchant for donuts), this tavern has a reputation for good food...enough so that a local gourmet once called this restaurant ", habit...forming".

4. Royal Racetrack: This is a horse-racing track, where races are held once every week. King Crouton himself enters his favourite horse (named Lamb Burr-Genie) in the races every week. Sadly, this has created a bit of problem, because the king has the owner of any horse that beats his executed. So, strangely enough, the King's horse wins every week...much to the delight of the King, and the despair of the local betting shops.

5. Shanty Town: This is an area of tents and ramshackle huts, originally constructed for workers building the King Crouton Memorial Theater. After the theater was complete and the workers moved away, many of the town's poor moved into these obstensibly temporary shelters.

6. Melmuck the Mage's Tower: This is the home of the mighty mage Melmuck. The tower, due to a magical accident several years ago, smells like sugar, and drives local bees insane.

7. Melmuck's Latrine: This is where Melmuck's youthful ward, Rutger (better known as Worm) lives.

8. Melmuck's Oak: The Mage Melmuck has been quoted as saying "This is a mystical oak tree, with powers and abilities beyond mortal ken". Ogdor Pep, gardener in the King's Royal Gardens (who happens to be very good at hiding in bushes), claims that Melmuck is a nut, because: (a) tree's ain't magical, and (b) It's not an oak, its an apple tree.

9. The Bitter Elms: These two elm trees each grow a nasty, leering face whenever anyone approaches within 20 feet, and begin insulting everyone in earshot. The northern-most elm is named "Cyskel" and the soutern elm is named "Treebert".