North-Western Feckleton

North-Western Feckleton

1. Town Square and VB Memorial Fountain: This is, as you may have guessed, the town square. It's most noteable feature is VB Memorial Fountain (VB standing for "Victory over the Brownies" - as King Crouton put it "Sure, brownies might not be all that dangerous, but hey, we still kicked their butts good!"). The Town Square is a favourite gathering place for the locals.

2. The Spastic Duck Inn: This inn is owned and operated by Phaatahz "Chuckles" Porkpie, a rotund, dour, and miserly man in his mid-forties. Phaatahz does not encourage others to use his nickname, which was given to him by a good natured (now deceased) mime. Still, people do call him Chuckles....but only behind his back.

3. The Royal Feckleton Library: A fancy name for a rather simple library. The RFL unfortunately has only a small budget (they can keep any coins the librarian can find under the Palace couch cushions), as as such only has seven books - three of which are written in High Fancy Elven (only six people alive can read High Fancy Elven - of the six, four of whom would not be caught dead in a pissant little town like Feckleton).

4. Honest Merchants (We Are Not Smugglers): This warehouse and storefront is run by Glag Hamfist, a hulking half-ogre with the strength of ten men (albeit ten relatively weak men - but still, its better than nothing). Glag is a well-known smuggler - but the town guards don't do anything about it because they're all afraid of Glag. Glag, for his part, thinks he operates at the highest levels of secrecy.

5. The Toe Rag Tavern: This rather disreputable tavern is run by a seedy, dirty little goblin named Toe Rag. The tavern caters to the town's seedier elements - murderers, thieves, smugglers (Glag maintains a booth here, with a little sign reading "Not a Smuggler's Booth"), blackmailers, lawyers and insurance agents. The Toe Rag Tavern serves ale, dragon spirits (a drink which can kill a man at 20 paces), and even serves food (although the Royal Feckleton Health Advisory Board warns "Eating at the Toe Rag is the equivalent of sucking sewage through a straw". Toe Rag, for his part, is very proud of this warning, and has it embossed on all of his menus.

6. Feckleton Marketplace: This marketplace features the wares of many local farmers. Fresh produce, fine cuts of meat, and even livestock can be purchased here. Toe Rag raids their garbage cans at night to provide food for his Tavern.

7. Big Dark and Scary Cave: This cave is big, dark, and scary. No one who has ever gone into the cave has ever come out alive again, so there's not much we can tell you about it.