North-Eastern Feckleton

North-Eastern Feckleton

1. Town Square and VB Memorial Fountain: This is, as you may have guessed, the town square. It's most noteable feature is VB Memorial Fountain (VB standing for "Victory over the Brownies" - as King Crouton put it "Sure, brownies might not be all that dangerous, but hey, we still kicked their butts good!"). The Town Square is a favourite gathering place for the locals.

2. King Crouton Memorial Theatre: This large theatre, built three years ago, was named the "King Crouton Memorial Theatre" - despite the fact that King Crouton was at the time (and indeed, is now) still alive. King Crouton had the architect executed, claiming the man "...obviously has it in for me."

3. Sturdy Stables: The Sturdy Stables were built about 15 years ago, after the old stables (called, appropriately enough "Shoddy Stables") suddenly collapsed, killing every horse inside (as a side note, the Toe Rag Tavern had a special on horse-burgers for three straight weeks).

4. McDonner's: This restaurant has hit it big in Feckleton, thanks to its cheap prices and quick service. It is also famous for its "McDonner's Parties" - even though approximately 1 out of 10 guests at these parties disappears, never to be seen again. On the bright side, whenever this happens, Pig Max (a huge pork-filled sandwich) go on sale!

5. Good King Crouton's Royal Compound.

6. Good King Crouton's Royal Palace: This is the home of Good King Crouton and the lovely Princess Olga (TCBNACACBSSCMAAFYAOTBWG). The palace was built over 300 years ago by the famous architechts Escher and Mobius, and is famous for its twisting corridors and bizarre stairwells. At least one servant gets lost every week, and is never heard from again.

7. Good King Crouton's Royal Garden: These gardens are forbidden to all but Royalty - which means only King Crouton and Princess Olga are allowed. Princess Olga never goes here, because she has very bad hay fever, and King Crouton, for his part, only comes here to surprise the gardeners (for, after all, someone has to tend the gardens - but seeing since only Royalty are allowed in, the gardeners are commtting treason every time they enter. Thus, one of King Crouton's favourite hobbies is to catch gardeners in the Royal Gardens, and then have them executed for Treason. He calls these little trips his "Adventures in Irony").

8. Servant's Quarters.

9. Royal Stables: King Crouton keeps his horses here, after losing his finest steeds to the Great Shoddy Stable collapse.

10. Soldier Training Grounds and Horse Walking Area: This area doubles as a place for the soldiers to practice their sword play, as well as a place for the Stablemaster to take the horses out for a walk. The soldiers complain bitterly about this, and, as Swordmaster Sha'harp Stykinde'aye has said many a time "It just ain't real sword play if'n ya have ta worry 'bout steppin' in a horse muffin!"

11. Guard Barracks.

12. Fort Feckleton: This fort was constructed during Feckleton's Battle Against the Brownies (a battle in which every two-inch high brownie for seventeen miles was hunted down, shoved on a stick, and roasted on an open fire - creating a new delicacy called "Shish-ka-brownie"). Originally built to defend Feckleton in case of an attack, many have pointed out that it would be better capable of serving that role if it hadn't of been built within the Royal Compound. Of course, all such complainers were rounded up and forced to eat at Toe Rag's Tavern for a month - they stopped complaining.

13. The Royal Towers: These towers are built to protect the Royal Compound, and house the Royal Guards (who are also responsible for town safety).