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The Demise of Traditionalism
And The Rise of Progressive

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A Note From The Author

The problem with writing a book like this from the age of nineteen to twenty-four is that you're political beliefs are still in a state of constant flux. Of course everybody, despite their age or experience, should remain open-minded toward new outlooks, be they political or personal. But at nineteen, a person's mind is still in a most formative state, and my beliefs were very-much being developed, shaped and re-shaped as I wrote this book.

This isn't to say the contents don't reflect my beliefs now, because they do. I only mean to suggest that the style of writing, the approach I took to the subjects, is not that which I may have taken with a little more experience under my belt, in life and in my writing. And so I advise the reader to keep this in mind, and to be patient and indulging as they might be with the clumsy discourse of any young person.

As for why I've posted the book here when it's already been formally published, my reason should be transparent enough: I want people to read it, and since no one's buying the damn thing....

In retrospect I can't understand why I was so determined to self-publish. It was just something I had to do, this thing, this goal I set for myself, that had to be completed. An obsession almost. Although really it was an okay way to pass the time, though I wouldn't recommend it for the easily frustrated or financially strapped. I won't lie, though, a naive part of me did hope that I'd sell thousands of books and put a pretty penny in my pocket. As for why the book failed as miserably as it did, I can only offer these explanations:

The most obvious being the quality of the writing itself; each reader will have to decide for themselves if this is the case, though no doubt most Limbaugh fans will jump to this conclusion based on the title alone.

Another explanation is that it wasn't well published. I freely admit to botching the job. It should have been printed in softback rather than hardcover, and the artwork could have used some work. Worst of all is that, in my youthful arrogance, I failed to take my manuscript to a proofreader before publishing, and have subsequently found a few heinous spelling errors and misquotes. (I've made several corrections and editing changes to the on-line version.)

But I believe the main reason for the indifference that greeted the book is simply people's lack of interest in Rush Limbaugh. And I can't say that I blame them. Maybe four or five years ago it might have deserved a little attention, but today? Not even I give a shit about it today. In retrospect the most truly baffling thing to me is why I even started the project to begin with. Course now that I have had a few years to mull these issues over, I've pretty much lost all interest in politics altogether, so, there you go....

Anywho, for what it is, whatever it is, enjoy.                         Michael Rahman

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