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Adonis's List of Free (or cheap) MajorMUD Telnet Boards (BBS's)

Hello fellow mudders, I am Adonis, one of the SysOps of Twilight Zone. In current MajorMUDing times, many people have started to play on telnet boards and do not want to pay for playing MajorMUD.  There is a simple solution! This page is devoted to all the free MajorMUD boards around the world. This page can not exactly be updated regularly because its not like they are coming up all the time.  I can however add reviews, new information, and layout design to the page. If you have any updates for the page or have any new ideas please email me at Also if you have tried a board from here and it is not up, email me and I will remove it from the list.  Please use the links to the left to navigate through the web site.

If you do, however, want to play on my BBS for just $5 a month, please come long in at

Website last updated April 15, 2003.