Why use elements?

The idea of elements was devised by the ancient Greeks, and was used as the basis of medicine for hundreds of years. Now we use elements to identify certain characteristics of the energy we harness. Four elements are found in nature and form an easy system of classification for most things. The fifth is a combination of the others, and is used almost purely magically. The element assigned to an object will define its characteristics. One element is usually dominant, although most things contain a mix of all four. Some Witches hold that all five elements should be present in a working. To find which element relates to a particular object, use tables of correspondence Below are the elements and an explanation of their characteristics. Before reading our definitions, take a minute to think what each element means to you, as this is important in working out your own definitions.


Earth is the element of stability. It represents the Earth herself, and growth, fertility and abundance. It is also associated with material wealth, birth and healing. It is represented by the deep colours of black and green and brown. Salt is usually used as the ritual representation of this element. Earth lies towards magnetic north.


Air is the element of intellect and communication. It represents travel, eloquence, freedom, divination and wisdom. It lies in the East quarter of the ritual circle.


Fire is the element of change and activity. It stands for physical strength, purification, courage, creativity, magical power and will power. It is used for defensive magic. It lies to the South of the circle.


Water is the element of purification and imagination. Associated with intuition, emotions, the inner-self, healing, and sleep and dreams. It lies to the West of the ritual circle.


This element is a combination of all the other elemental energies, and it represents potential in its purest form. Spirit is like primordial ooze with its potential to be everything and yet it will maybe never become anything.

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