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This is the Original KSMO Web ring created on January 5th, 1998! It was the First and Only Web Ring Dedicated to Connecting
Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans in the Missouri and Kansas Area!
I was away for a long time and unable to maintain this ring. In my absence another has laid claim to the this title of KSMO Web Ring. I will change my graphics enough to lay rightful claim to this title.

Merry Meet!

Hello All. Ihave been away from the Internet for a long time. I am back now and the Gods willing I will remain. It seems during my absence some else took over my web ring and now is using my graphics without permission. I will create new ones and deal approprately with the indivdual on the usage of the old ones. I will also be establishing the new web ring for those interested. Blessed Be to All. MoonChilde.

I want to welcome you to the homepage of the still infantile, KSMO Witches Network! This is a brand new Web Ring connecting us like minded individuals in Kansas and Missouri on the Web. I decided to man this project after I discovered I was having a hard time finding other Wiccans in my area. I myself, am in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Since we are new, I am asking that you tell one and all about us and join! This is a great networking and exposure opportunity! By adding sinple, predefined code, you can be exposed instantly! What does that mean? MORE HITS to your Web site! Yes, I am at this time even adding commercial sites because it can be blooming hard to find anything around here!


Must be a web site about or include information on wiccan, witchcraft, and paganism. The author Should be located in the states of Kansas and Missouri. Such information can be about Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, divination (astrology, runes, numerology, tarot...), alternative healing methods, spells, magick, meditation, mythology and deities, history, and metaphysics. No profanity or adult material is allowed. I want to target all who are interested in these topics. If you aren't sure if the information included in your site is applicable, please email me or apply to be added. I review all sites before they are added to the ring.


Witches Web will only accept pages to the ring that are related to the topics listed under qualifications.
We will not accept pages that have a sinister or negative theme.
Pages consisting only of links (with no original content) will not be added.
Pages containing violent or unappropriate materials will not be added.

We hope you'll decide to take part in the ring, either by browsing it, or by adding a website to it!

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