This is where movie buffs from around the world
can post their web tributes to specific artists.

They may be performers, directors, writers, designers, composers, etc.



Heath Ledger - Among the Greatest of His Generation

Heath The beautiful late actor. The best of his generation.

Heath Ledger - Heathbaby: Heath Ledger forever. Fans honor him.

Heath Ledger - Heath Heathens: Heath Ledger - Beautiful, Sexy, Stunning, A Great Actor

Angelina Jolie - Wuthering Jolie: Long standing fan site since 1998.

Angelina Jolie - Knock-out pics of Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie - Detailed up to date info on Angelina Jolie.

Hugh The Hugh Jackman Experience.

Meryl Streep Online: The acting genius.

Johnny Everybody's favorite pirate.

Johnny Depp - Depp Impact: One of the largest and longest running Depp sites.

Brad Pitt - Simply Brad: Is he the prettiest male Hollywood star?

Brad Pitt Yes! He is the prettiest male Hollywood star.

Brad Pitt Do you know any prettier male Hollywood star?

Al Pacino - Asad's Page

Katharine Hepburn: The acting legend.

Katharine Hepburn Online: The acting legend.

Bette Davis: The fiery legend's official website

The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages: magnificnet photos of the handsome man

Shrine to Cary Grant: Talk about handsome!

Jimmy Stewart: The Movie Pal's website on the legend

Jimmy Stewart Hometown Museum: Hometown tribute with photos, facts, etc.

Henry Fonda: The Movie Pal's own tribute to his favorite actor

The Official Audrey Hepburn Website: A Swiss town's homage

John America's hero for all time

John Wayne: John Wayne, the underrated actor

Ava Sultry Siren!

Ava hometown museum tribute

W.C. Fields - Official Site: tribute to the funny man

W.C. Fields - Fan Club: Fan club for the comic legend

Barbara Stanwyck: a true ball of fire...SIZZLE!

Edward G. Robinson: the tough guy

The Judy Garland Club: long standing fan club personally sanctioned by Judy Garland herself. Join up.

Judy Garland Database: all purpose web site for THE VOICE

Angela She has been nominated for three Oscars

Shelley Winters: The Movie Pal's own tribute to Shelley. Winner of two Oscars for Supporting Actress.
The Lon Chaney Home Page: by Chaney author Jon C. Mirsalis

Grace Kelly Page: a fan's tribute to her majesty

Louise Brooks Society: devoted to the silent great

Arbucklemania: Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, the silent clown

Theda Bara: silent film legend

Clara Bow: silent film legend

Barbara Stanwyck-Images: another "ball of fire" website

CMG's Humphrey Bogart Page: Here's lookin' at you kid

Marlene Dietrich: the first page photo is a must see for Dietrich fans

Marx Brothers: Marx, the zany family

Ingrid Bergman - Official: She won three Oscars

Charlie Chaplin: His silent films will stand the test of time. Hollywood's first global super star.

Harold Lloyd: Silent funny man

Al Jolson: star of "The Jazz Singer", the first talkie

Audie Murphy's Movies: war hero turned movie star

The Official Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Web Site: the western duo

The Will Rogers Home Page: the folk legend

James Dean Sites

James Dean: Made by his cousin Marcus

The James Dean Memorial Gallery: image filled tribute site

James Dean Forever: James Dean's legend lives on

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Steven Spielberg: Myspace for the director of ET, Jaws, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Steven Spielberg Tribute: A fan page - images, facts, etc.

Alfred Hitchcock - the Master of Suspense: for Hitchcock scholars - with links

Woody Allen: Official Woody Allen site

Woody Allen: Fansite for Woody Allen - Official Site: One of the best Charlie Chaplin websites.

The Estate of Orson Welles: a growing comprehensive site

Federico Fellini: one of the Movie Pal's favorite directors. For fans of Fellini.

Federico Fellini - Criterion Collection: For fans of Fellini.

Fellini: A fan's personal look at five films

Stanley Kubrick: Images, facts, bio, etc.

Stanley Kubrick: The Kubrick Site: Images, facts, bio, etc.

The International Buster Keaton Society: Buster Keaton homage. The great genius from the silent era - see his films!

Tod Browning (Silent Movie Page): director of Dracula starring Bela Lugosi and Freaks

The Terry Gilliam Fanzine: director of Brazil, Time Bandits, etc.

Python Online: Monty Python! Those not visiting will be eaten by a python

Oliver Stone: a great site, very comprehensive (Nixon, Platoon, etc.)

Ed Wood Unofficial Home Page: director of some of the worst films ever made

John Woo: director of The Killer, recently gone "hollywood"


Ray Harryhausen Official Website: the original stop-motion master of special effects

The Official Tom Savini Homepage: horror FX guru

The Bernard Herrmann Web Pages: the music composer for Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, etc.

The John Williams Web Pages: the prolific composer to Jaws, Star Wars, ET, etc. The GREATEST film composer EVER!

The Movie Pal

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