First day Covers Under Queen Victoria  

The 1897 Jubilee celebrations and issuance of a special long set of commemoratives appear to be the first time cacheted First day Covers were created in Canada

All First Day Covers under Queen Victoria are very scarce. Cacheted First Day Covers are extremely scarce, as only a handful were produced in the first place

Patriotic Cover Issued for the 1897 Jubilee

Patriotic Cover issued For the Boer War (1900)

Patriotic Cover Issued in 1897

Patriotic Cover Issued in 1897 For Montreal Fair

Advertising Cover from 1897

Advertising Cover used from ca. 1880 until 1900




Patriotic Cover issued in 1897



The Map Stamp of 1898 Only one cachet is known with two different color varieties: Green or Red. All are cancelled in Berlin, Ontario


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