Please DO NOT use this contract verbatim. This is only offered here as an example of what a management contract might look like. If you are planning to start your own management agency and are looking for a contract you may use this one as a basis but you MAY NOT use it exactly as it shows here. AMS policies may not be exactly what your company policies are. Have your attorney draw up your own contract reflecting your agencies specific needs. Not all management contracts are the same and this is not to be used as a free "catch all" to save you money it is only a resource. If we find people abusing this we will remove our contracts from websites and take legal action against offending parties. Please don't be the reason we have to remove this great resource to help people.


Artist Management Services


<band name or artist>

the Artist



Agreement Number 10

Revision 1.00




1] This Master Agreement ("Agreement") is made by and between Artist Management Services ("Manager"), with its principle location at (enter management address) and <band name or artist> ("Artist") in whole or in part. The terms and conditions contained in the Agreement exclusively govern the management and/or counsel of the Artist and any other related activity.

2] This Agreement shall be amended only by mutual agreement of the parties. Any such amendment shall be signed by the respective parties.

If any term of this Agreement conflicts with any term relating to the purchase of the Artist contained in any issued or other agreement and/or performance contract, this Agreement shall take precedence.


This Agreement shall commence on __________ and ends one (1) years later (Initial Period") .

If during the Initial Period <band name or artist> enters into any agreement with a record production and/or distribution company granting such company my exclusive services as a recording artist and/or the exclusive right to record, purchase, produce, manufacture, license, distribute, and/or otherwise exploit master recordings or phonograph records, tapes or compact disks, embodying my performances (the recording Agreement), then without any further action on Artist Management Services's part and without any notification to <band name or artist> thereof, the term of this Agreement shall be automatically extended for an additional period of 3 years. If during the Initial Period <band name or artist> fails to enter into a Recording Agreement, then the term of this Agreement shall terminate upon the expiration of the Initial Period hereof.

This contract may be re-negotiated at the end of the term of the
This Agreement shall also be in effect if one of the following
conditions exist;
1] Artist changes its name from <band name or artist>
2] Individual members are replaced, deleted or added
3] Artist is disbanded and re-established by individual members in
whole or in part, or by any other name.
Artist Management Services accepts said employment and agrees subject to
<band name or artist>'s availability and cooperation:
To advise and counsel <band name or artist> with respect to decisions
concerning employment, publicity, selection of literary, artistic and
musical material, wardrobe, public relations and advertising, selection
of theatrical and booking agencies and/or Artist's agents and all other
matters pertaining to my professional activities and career in the
entertainment, amusement, music, recording and literary fields.
To advise and counsel me with relation to adoption of the proper format
for presentation of my talents and in the determination of proper style,
mood and setting in keeping with <band name or artist>'s talents and
best interests.
To advise and counsel <band name or artist> with regard to general
practices in the entertainment, amusement, music, recordings and
literary fields, and with respect to compensation and terms of contracts
To use reasonable efforts to promote and enhance my professional
reputation and standing.
To be available to <band name or artist> for consultation and rendition
of services to <band name or artist> at all reasonable times.
To advise and counsel <band name or artist> on the selection and final
use or contractual agreement with any theatrical and booking agencies
and/or <band name or artist> agent(s)
Management will be responsible for the overall management of the Artist
to include but not limited to:
  1] Career Development
  2] Management of Artist business affairs
  3] Money management by account
  4] Recording Contracts
  5] Merchandise Management
  6] Location of a Tour Manager
  7] Overall professionalism of Artist
  8] Publicity and Promotion
Management will not forecast and/or guarantee success within the
entertainment industry, but will represent and manage the affairs of
Artist to the best of management's ability.
Manager will act on the best interest for the potential future success
of the Artist at all times.
Manager will at all times counsel and propose all business opportunities
to client. All major business decisions will be jointly agreed upon by
both Manager and Artist. Artist will select one person to act as
Manager will maintain all records, ledgers, inventories and accounts for
the Artist. These records, ledgers, inventories, and accounts will be
available for Artist audit at all times. Manager will publish periodic
reports as to the activity of management and status of all accounts and
business activity.
All business decisions will be approved with the Artist prior to
completion or commitment on any business arrangement or contract with a
third party.
Management will not be present at all performances or Artist related
functions, but will make best efforts to insure proper management
representation as required and determined by management at all times at
each function and/or engagement. These employees of Manager, shall act
in the best interest of
the Artist and any other management guidelines established by management
or that particular Artist.
Manager and/or the management company (Artist Management Services) will
not be a financial source to the artist.
Upon successful signing of this Agreement, Manager in cooperation with
the Artist will develop a detailed business plan to be presented and
approved by the Artist. This will be the document to be used as the
strategy for the Artist within the entertainment industry.
Artist shall abide by all guidelines and bylaws established by Manager
at all times.
Artist shall select one individual as the signature authority for all
contracts or agreements above and beyond this Agreement. All the terms
and conditions of this Agreement shall apply to
all subsequent agreements and/or contracts.
Artist shall not enter into any contract, or agreement without counsel
from Manager. If Artist chooses, after counsel , to enter into any
contract or agreement, Manager will not be responsible for the outcome
of such agreements). Artist can not enter into any other management
Agreement without the completed
termination of this Agreement. All business leads and/or proposals made
to Artist by third parties shall be referred to Manager at all times.
Manager will then propose said lead to the Artist for counsel and
Artist shall on a period basis review all business accounts and
activities with Manager. A sign off of joint approval shall take place
at such time that all accounts balance and meet the approval of both the
Artist and Manager.
Artist agrees to reimburse Artist Management Services for any and all
reasonable expenses which Artist Management Services may incur on my
behalf or on my account, including but not limited
to those in connection with postal correspondence, long distance
telephone calls, faxes, publicity material, tapes, posters, press kits,
merchandising, ads and travel expenses (provided that <band name or
artist> requested Artist Management Services to travel outside of
Arkansas on <band name or artist>'s behalf)
Reimbursement of expenses as aforesaid shall be due within thirty (30)
days after the receipt of an invoice of itemized statements setting
forth the nature and amount of each such expense.
The Artist will not be responsible for any administrative costs of
Artist Management Services including but not limited to rent, overhead,
utilities and salaries of any employees of Artist Management
Artist agrees that at all times to devote themself/themselves to the
furtherance of the Artists career and to do all the things necessary and
desirable to promote the Artists career and earnings therefrom. Artist
will not enter into any agreements or commitments which shall in any
manner interfere with the Managers ability to carry out the terms and
conditions of this Agreement.
  Agency Representation
Artist shall at all times engage and utilize proper talent agencies and
theatrical agents to obtain engagements and employment. Artist
understands that Artist Management Services
is not a licensed booking agency and is not in the business of procuring
employment or engagements. Although, Artist Management Services shall
advise the Artist concerning prospective employment or engagements.
Management is not obligated to seek employment not do any acts or things
done by talent agencies unless mutually agreed to by both the Artist and
Manager. AMS does occasionally do booking arrangements for their acts
in lieu of obtaining professional talent or booking agencies.
Artist shall refer to Artist Management Services all verbal or written
leads, communications, or requests for the rendition of Artist's
services. Artist shall consult with Management concerning each and every
engagement, performance, booking or contract offered and the Artist
shall consult with Artist Management Services regarding each engagement,
performance, booking or contract that the Artist accepts.
Manager and Artist shall at all times keep the terms and conditions of
this and any subsequent Agreements confidential. None of the terms and
conditions and/or documents associated with Artist and Manager shall be
reproduced or distributed without both the Manager and Artist approval.
All financial data associated with both the Manager and Artist shall not
be released or discussed without proper approval by either the Artist or
Manager. This information will be released to "need to know"
individuals only. "Need to know" is defined as individuals who directly
affect the overall financial and
legal success of the Artist. Examples would include, Artists attorney,
potential investors etc.
Since the nature and extent of the success or failure of <band name or
artist>'s career cannot be predetermined, it is <band name or artist>'s
desire that Artist Management Services's defined in this Agreement be
determined in such a manner as will permit Artist Management Services to
accept the risk of failure and likewise benefit to the extent of <band
name or artist>'s success. As compensation for Artist Management
Services's services, as hereinafter described, <band name or artist>
agrees to pay Artist Management Services management, as and when
received by <band name or artist>, (and the compensation to Artist
Management Services
hereunder shall be payable only with respect to gross moneys or other
considerations actually received by <band name or artist>).
Compensation, per this Section VI shall not be inclusive of expense
reimbursement further defined in Section IV- Artist
Responsibility. Manager shall receive fifteen (15) percent of
all gross revenue generated by Artist in whole or in
part, at all performances for the term of this Agreement. Gross revenue
is defined as all payments to the Artist prior to any and all expenses
or other financial commitments.
Manager will not be compensated for any publishing rights of any
subsequent recordings and any employ outside of the directly related
scope of this Agreement. Manager will also receive payment for other
related activities and accounts per the percentages below:
Covered Items:
Performance revenue (live shows) - 15% of gross per Section VI
Merchandising revenue ( t-shirts etc) - 10% percent of gross revenue
Performance royalties (radio/airplay royalties) - 10% percent of gross
Mechanical royalties (record sales) - 15% percent of all gross
Personal appearances - (tv and radio paid interviews/commercials) - 5%
of all gross revenue.
If the total of all payments from the covered items above is equal to or
less than two hundred fifty ($250.00) dollars per month, Artist will
compensate Manager at the rate of two hundred fifty ($250.00) dollars
per month.
  Non Covered Items:
Second jobs (outside of the entertainment industry)
Endorsements Publishing rights
Gifts and awards
Payment shall be on a monthly basis until such time that the Artist
revenue flow exceeds two thousand dollars weekly. At such time that the
revenue does in fact exceed the limit, payment will then be paid weekly.
If Artist gross revenue exceeds seventy five thousand dollars yearly,
payment to Manager will then be made at an additional two (2%) percent
for the next one hundred and fifty thousand ($150,000) and then capped
at twenty five (25%) percent after the initial two hundred and twenty
five thousand ($225,000).
Payment to Manager shall be in check, money order or certified moneys
drawn from Artists esgrow accounts with the prior notification and
approval by Artist.
All payments to Manager shall be audited as part of the account audit
At some time, it will become necessary to employ legal counsel and/or
financial advisors for the Artist. The selection process will be done
jointly by both the Manager and Artist.
The legal and financial counsel shall become an integral part of the
overall management team for the Artist. All business and financial
decisions shall then be jointly approved and made.
This is mandatory when Artist acquires a recording contract.
The Artist shall represent and warrant that the Artist has been advised
of their right to seek legal counsel of the Artists own choosing in
connection with the negotiation and execution of this contract.
The Artist represents and warrants that they are wholly free to enter
into this Agreement and to grant the rights herein granted to Artist
Management Services, and that the Artist is not party to any agreements,
and that the Artist does not have any obligations which conflict with
any of the provisions hereof.
In the case where the Artist is a minor, The Artist is required to have
a legal parent or guardian execute this Agreement in addition to the
Artist. The legal parent or guardian is responsible for all payments per
the terms and conditions of this Agreement on behalf of the Artist.
The occurrence of any of the following constitutes a breach and is cause
for Managers and Artists termination of this Agreement
a] Artist and/or Manager does not meet the terms and conditions of the
b] Artist and/or Manager acts in any illegal or engages in any illegal
Manager and Artist must cure any of the above breaches and notify
Manager or Artist of such cure within thirty (30) calendar days from
receipt of a notice to cure from either the Manager or Artist. If
Manager or Artist fails to so cure, either party may terminate this
Agreement upon written notice from the terminating party.
Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, all Artist and/or
Manager funds will be transferred back to the proper party, net of any
funds owed each other. This Agreement will not be considered until both
parties have been properly compensated per the terms and conditions of
this Agreement. All property of the other party must also be returned
immediately upon termination.
Manager or Artist, at his/her discretion may terminate this Agreement
for convenience ninety (90) calendar days after giving the other party
written notice. Upon receipt of such written notice to terminate, the
Manager or Artist must then meet with the other party to clear and
complete all transactions and
obligations under this Agreement.
The Artists obligations in the event of termination will be to
compensate Manager for all moneys owed to Manager within fifteen (15)
calendar days from the date of termination. In addition, if termination
is in fact generated by the Artist, Manager will be entitled to
perpetuity revenue for a period of two (2) years
from the date of termination. This payment to Manager will be based on a
fifty percent rate of the payment schedule per Section VI - Payment to
Manager of this Agreement.
Any notices given under this Agreement shall be written or telegraphic.
Written notice shall be sent Registered Certified mail, postage prepaid,
return receipt requested. Any telegraphic notices shall be deemed given
upon receipt, provided that such notice is followed in three (3) days
with a written notice. All notices shall be effective when the first
notice is received. All notices under this Agreement shall be sent to
the following addresses:
Artist Artist Management Services
_________________________ 48 Dogwood Lane,
_________________________ Springfield, AR 72157
_________________________ attn.; Tam McClure
  President of A.M.S.
_________________________ (501)354-3724 office
The provisions of this Agreement dealing with Payment, Confidentiality,
Perpetuity, General Provisions (subsection C) shall survive termination
of this Agreement.
Artist Management Services, on the Artist's behalf, do the following:
approve and permit any and all publicity and advertising: approve and
permit the use of my name, photograph, likeness, voice, sound effect,
caricature, literary, artistic and musical materials for purposes of
advertising and publicity
in the promotion and advertising of any and all products and services:
execute for the Artist in the Artist's name and/or on the Artists
behalf, any and all agreements, documents, and contracts for my
services, talents and/or artistic, literary and musical materials,
provided that the Artist is unavailable to do
the same on the Artist's own behalf, Artist has been apprised of the
material terms thereof and the Artist has granted Artist Management
Services the authority to execute such agreements in each specific
Artist Management Services shall at all times, defend, indemnify and
hold the Artist, the Artist's respective agents, employees,
representatives, affiliated entities, successors, heirs and designees or
legatees, harmless from and against any and all claims, damages,
liabilities, costs and expenses, including, without limitation,
reasonable legal expenses and attorney's fees, arising out of any breach
by the Manager of any warranty, representation or agreement made by
Artist Management Services hereunder or otherwise arising out of Artist
Management Services's services on the Artists behalf as a result of this
The Artist shall at all times defend, indemnify and hold the Artist
Management Services, manager's respective agents, employees,
representatives, affiliated entities, successors, heirs and designees or
legatees, harmless from and against any and all claims, damages,
liabilities, costs and expenses,
including, without limitation, reasonable legal expenses and attorney's
fees, arising out of any breach by the Manager of any warranty,
representation or agreement made by the Artist hereunder.
Only the authorized representatives of the parties may amend or waive
provisions of this Agreement, and must be agreed to in writing. If
either party fails to enforce any term of this Agreement, failure to
enforce on those occasions shall not prevent enforcement on any other
All rights and remedies conferred by this Agreement, by any other
instrument, or by law are cumulative and may be exercised singularly or
concurrently. If any provisions of this Agreement are held invalid by
any law or regulation of any government or by any court, such invalidity
shall not effect the enforceability of other provisions herein. This
Agreement issued hereunder shall be governed by and interpreted in
accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Arkansas.
Manager shall not assign Manager's rights under this Agreement without
the Artist's express written approval exercisable in the Artist's sole
and absolute discretion (unless such assignment is to a company at which
Manager shall during the term hereof continue to act as the Artist's
personal manager on a day to day basis).
Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, both the Artist and
Manager either in whole or in part shall not disclose the reasons for
termination or act in any manner either written or verbally that could
jeopardize the future business success of the other party. If Artist or
Manager is in breach on this
provision, the other party could be liable for punitive damages as
determined in a court of law.
Specialized provisions requested by artists:
IN WITNESS, the parties have executed this Agreement effective the
commencement of the contract period.
  ARTIST Artist Management Services
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name typed_____________________________
Tammie J. McClure (Tam)
President Artist Management Services
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