Illinois Marriages to 1850
Dixon, Hiram and Sally Gentry, Dec. 30 1841, Calhoun Co., Il
Cooly, Alvan and Julia Gentry, Jan. 28, 1845, Hancock Co., Il
Etherton, Henry H. and Marena Gentry, Mar. 11, 1845, Jackson Co. IL
Diskins, Mary Jane and James C. Gentry, Mar. 25, 1845, Jackson Co. Il.
Gentry, Permelia and William Haney, May 19, 1831, Madison Co. Il   
Gentry, Sarah and William J. Stewart, Sept. 29, 1833, Madison Co. Il.
Gentry, Elizabeth and Alexander Prater, Feb. 5, 1838, Montgomery CO. Il.
Gentry, Elijah and Lydia Johnson, July 15, 1831, Morgan Co. Il
Gentry, Thomas and Mary Bray, July 28, 1831, Morgan Co. Il.
Gentry, Polly and Samuel Olley, Mar. 4, 1836, Morgan Co. Il
Gentry, Huldah and Milton E. Davenport, Oct. 6, 1842, Morgan Co. Il
Gentry, Nancy and John Davenport, Oct. 7, 1846, Morgan Co. Il
Gentry, James C. and Kiaha Fisher, Nov. 13, 1848, Randolph Co. Il
Gentry, Mary Ann and Henry Clark, Apr. 28, 1842, Sangamon Co. Il
Gentry, Hudson and Melvina Herryford, Dec. 23, 1848, Scott Co. Il
Gentry, Martin and Margaret Noel, July 17, 1847, Union Co., Il

From Ancestry Pages on Illinois Vital Records