Indiana State Library Genealogy Collection

Indiana Marriages, "A-B"  

Abshire, James       &   Malinda Gentry, Warrick Co., 7/23/1840
Arnold, Betsy Ann,   &   Lemuel Gentry, Morgan Co., 12/24/1831
Austill, William,    &   Elizabeth Gentry, Warrick Co., 4/22/1839
Bassett, Ann         &   Beatman Gentry, Frnklin Co., 10/15/1839
Benton, Clark L.     &   Mary Gentry, Hendricks Co., 12/5/1839
Bethell, John B.     &   Eliza Jane, Warrick Co., 11/6/1845
Blackford, Elizabeth, &  Dice Gentry, Warrick Co., 9/18/1826
Broadstreet, James   &   Melvira America Gentry, Morgan CO. 3/9/1840
Broshears, Isaac,    &   Nancy Gentry, Warren Co., 5/24/1838
Buckland, Joseph     &   Amanda Gentry, Decatur Co., 3/16/1849
Burch, Henry         &   Rebeccah Gentry, Monroe Co., 4/10/1840
Burton, John W.      &   Sarah Gentry, Monroe Co., 7/14/1837

Indiana Marriages "C-D"

Carnahan, James P.   & Hannah Gentry, Gibson Co., 3/13/1850
Chinn, Jane          & James Gentry, Warrick Co., 12/22/1836
Clark, William       & Sophronia Gentry, Decatur Co., 2/14/1844
Clingenpelle, Andrew & Mildred Ann Gentry, Decatur Co., 3/13/1850
Coffee, James        & Mary Gentry, Warrick Co., 1/20/1845
Coleman, Francis     & Reason Gentry, Posey Co., 1/17/1842
Collings, Mary,      & Richard Gentry, Putnam Co., 8/24/1832
Coyler, Morgan       & Lucinda Gentry, Warrick Co., 9/23/1838
Crow, John           & Susan Gentry, Warrick Co., 2/13/1842
Davis, Amos H.       & Elizabeth Gentry, Warrick Co., 12/22/1834
Davis, Nelson R.     & Nancy Gentry, Spencer Co., 5/1/1828
Dodge, Polly         & Enos Gentry, Posey Co., 3/7/1822
Donean, Mary Ann     & Alva Gentry, Franklin Co., 1/7/1838


Edwards, Jane       & Allen Gentry, Posey Co., 2/13/1832
Elmer, Benjamin F.  & Martha Gentry, Wayne Co., 6/22/1847
Elrod, Barbara Ann  & John Wesley Gentry, Hendricks Co., 2/24/1846
Evans, Anderson,    & Elizabeth Gentry, Warrick Co., 3/4/1847
Everets, Alfred L.  & Rachel Gentry, Vandenburgh Co., 11/23/1840
Everett, Alfred T.  & Rachel Gentry, Vanderburgh Co., 11/23/1840
Fisher, Morman      & Disa Gentry, Warrick Co., 3/3/1850
Foland, Mary,       & Samuel Gentry, Wayne Co, 1/3/1828
Foley, Elizabeth J. & Joshua Gentry, Hendricks Co., 7/23/1843
Ford, Patsy Casander & Harden Gentry, Warrick Co., 6/7/1850
Fry, Elizabeth      & Michael Gentry, Greene Co., 2/18/1842
Gentry, Catherine   & Jesse Gentry, Warrick Co., 3/15/1846
Gentry, Nancy       & Samuel Gentry, Warrick Co., 9/18/1839
Giles, John         & Elizabeth Gentry, Clark Co., 3/28/1814
Gill, George,       & Mary Ann Gentry, Wayne Co., 1/21/1841
Gluckman, Andrew    & Elizabeth Gentry, Posey Co., 5/15/1839
Gump, Israel,       & Harriet Gentry, Tippecanoe Co., 7/23/1840

Hackwith, Susannah, and Samuel Gentry, Spencer Co., 4/5/1825
Hall, Elias         and Abigail Gentry, Union Co., 8/31/1826
Hall, Elizabeth     and Gilbert Gentry, Fulton Co., 3/20/1828
Hall, John          and Elizabeth Gentry, Vanderburgh Co., 3/23/1849
Hall, Maddison,     and Sally Gentry, Spencer Co., 7/27/1834
Harmon, Susan,      and Theoderick F. Gentry, Monroe Co., 1/15/1844
Hodges, Elizabeth   and John Gentry, Greene Co., 2/8/1849
Hodges, Elizabeth   and Thomas Gentry, Warrick Co., 11/16/1835
Hooton, Salina,     and Baily Gentry, Hendricks Co., 9/16/1849
Hull, Harriet,      and David Gentry, Warrick Co., 1/9/1849
Jackson, Artamintia and Richard H. Gentry, Owen Co., 10/11/1849
Johnson, Eliza Ann  and William E. Gentry, Owen Co., 11/28/1850
Julian, Matilda Emaline and Shelton Gentry, Warrick Co., 3/25/1845
Kennedy, Stockton D., and Mary Gentry, Hendricks Co., 1/25/1843


Landis, Jacob       and   Hannah Gentry, Henry Co., 12/21/1845
Lane, E. C.         and   Elizabeth Gentry, Perry Co., 2/6/1840
Layne, John L.      and   Hannah Gentry, WAyne Co., 8/27/1845
Lesley, Benjamin    and   Emily Gentry, Warrick Co., 7/23/1822
Long, John          and   Nancy Gentry, Hendricks Co., 12/19/1850
Ludlow, Elizabeth   and   Monroe Gentry, Morgan Co., 1/17/1839
McMunn, William     and   Mahala Gentry, Posey Co., 12/4/1833
McNeely, Rachel     and   Enos Gentry, Vanderburgh Co., 9/6/1827
McNeely, Sally D.   and   David Gentry, Warrick Co., 8/29/1839
MaCumber, Levi,     and   Betsy Gentry, Orange Co., 11/6/1821
Mondy, John         and   Sarah Ann Gentry, Morgan Co., 10/23/1845
Montgomery, Eliza   and   James Gentry, Spencer Co., 11/7/18

Oskins, Mary Ann    and   Joseph Gentry, Spencer Co., 11/25/1841
Patterson, Adaline, and   Shelton Gentry, Warrick 10/24/1839
Phillips, John      and   Polly Gentry, Warrick Co., 4/1/1849
Polk, Elizabeth     and   George W. Gentry, Warrick Co., 8/14/1845
Polk, James         and   Sally Gentry, Warrick Co., 1/6/1830
Powers, Abigail     and   Samuel Gentry, Warrick Co. 3/15/1829
Powers, George      and   Aggy Gentry, Warrick Co., 10/6/1833
Rauth, Jacob        and   Charlotte Gentry, Posey CO., 6/2/1831
Reagan, Sally       and   Martin W. Gentry, Clinton Co., 8/18/1835
Rickets, Sarah      and   Elisha Gentry, Warrick CO., 11/16/1837
Roby, Ann           and   Allen Gentry, Spencer Co., 3/20/1828
Romine, Benjamin    and   Agness Gentry, Spencer Co., 3/20/1828
Romine, John        and   Hannah Gentry, Spencer Co., 4/5/1829
Romine, Rebeckah    and   Joseph Gentry, Spencer Co., 9/26/1833

St. Clair, Henry    and  Lucinda Gentry, Warrick Co., 9/30/1845
St. Clair, Henry    and  Sally Gentry, Warrick Co., 11/14/1844
Sally, Abbott       and  Franklin Gentry, Greene Co., 12/12/1839
Scantling, Walter   and  Eveline Gentry, Jefferson Co., 4/4/1824
Sharr, Caroline     and  Samuel Gentry, Greene Co. 3/17/1850
Shelton, Elvira     and  Martin Gentry, Vanderburgh Co., 12/31/1845
Shoemaker, Elizabeth and Josiah Gentry, Union Co., 4/19/1827
Shreve, Jane        and   John T. Gentry, Monroe Co., 3/26/1845
Shuck, Abraham      and  Nancy Gentry, Posey Co., 8/17/1845
Small, Elizabeth    and  Haden Gentry, Warrick CO., 3/17/1845
Sowerwine, William  and  Elizabeth, Wayne CO., 10/9/1850
Staten (Staton) Nancy and Matthew Gentry, Warrick Co., 7/7/1822
Staton, Polly       and  Hodge Gentry, Warrick Co. 7/23/1822
Stover, Margaret    and  Martha Gentry, Vanderburgh CO., 2/1/1845
Stults, Joseph      and  Gilley Gentry, Putnam Co., 8/17/1837
Temple, Nancy       and  Martin Gentry, Posey CO. 7/16/1830
Thompson, Richard   and  Sarah Gentry, Spencer CO., 5/8/1836
Titlow, Charlotte   and  Zachariah B. Gentry, Clinton Co. 3/4/1841
Temple, Nancy a     and  Martin Gentry, Posey Co., 7/16/1830

Vanmeter, Mary,     and   Joseph Gentry, Fayette Co., 5/18/1820
Walker, Robert B.   and   Elizabeth Gentry, Warrick Co. 4/2/1846
Wallace, Hannah     and   Atha Gentry, Warrick Co., 2/23/1847
Wear or Weir, Mary  and   Hudson Gentry, Franklin Co., 3/2/1832
Webb, Mary,         and   John Gentry, Wayne Co., 5/13/1824
Whitinghill, Charlotte and Shelton Gentry, Warrick Co., 1/29/1843
Wheeler, Penelope   and   Garland Gentry, Morgan Co., 12/24/1839
Wills, Hannah       and   Pleasant Gentry, Gibson Co., 2/6/1821
Wire, Hiram         and   Elizabeth Gentry, Spencer Co., 3/13/1828
Wilson, Sally       and   Allen Gentry, Posey Co., 2/1/1827
Wright, Sarah       and   William Gentry, Spencer Co., 2/17/1833
Yeakley, Ruth S.    and   Cuthbert Gentry, Tipton Co., 9/13/1856

FRANKLIN COUNTY Gentry Charles Edith Akers Aug. 8, 1908 Gentry Charles Catharine Smith Jan. 31, 1878 Gentry Edgar Lula E. Hetrick June 8, 1910 Gentry Elizabeth Lawarence Loper Apr. 26, 1859 Gentry Elizabeth Joseph B. Cowen July 24 1900 Gentry Emmet Emma Burns Aug. 3, 1898 Gentry Gilbert W Elizabeth J. Earles Aug. 25, 1861 Gentry Jonathan Caroline M. Kennedy Oct. 15, 1873 Gentry Robert A Margaret V. Armstrong Aug. 17, 1865 Gentry Samuel A Ida May Bourne Jan. 8, 1913


These records are from cemeteries that are right on the Indiana/Ohio State Line.

Darrtown Cemetery - Butler Co., Ohio
Henry Gentry  1856-1927     Wife Amanda 1856-1937
Ollie E.Gentry 1874-1927    Husband William H. Gentry 1873-19??
College Corner Cemetery, Oxford Twp., Butler Co. Oh
C. E. Gentry  1856-1927   Wife Nancy Bowman  1860-1943
Harmony cemetery - Harmony Rd., Near Mixerville, In.  
       (Just across the line from Butler Co., Oh.)
Theodore Gentry  1867-1942
Gilbert Gentry  1838-1923
Catherine Gentry  1847-1931
Oscar E. Gentry   1901-1906
Charles Gentry  1878-1943  Wife Edith Gentry 1882-1917 Son b/d 1917
Adah Gentry 1897-??    /Luther  M. ??   1896-1966  (I don't know Luther was
a Gentry or not)
James Gentry  12 Jan 1880 - 16 Jan. 1952
Edgar   1876-1947



Wayne County, Indiana
Ephraim Gentry 	        54  Farmer	Tn
Elizabeth		53		VA
Francis (m)		19 Farmer	Ind
Elizabeth		17		"
Susannah		15		"
William H.		12		"

William Gentry		50 Farmer	Ky
Nancy			44		Ky
Mariah			19		"
Cadice			17		"
Pamela			15		"
Judith			14		"
Thomas		        13		"
Elizabeth		11		"
Nancy			9		"
Wm.			7		"
Henry C.		5		"
Martha J.		4		"

Thomas Gentry		45  Farmer	Ky
Parmelia		42		Ind.
Amanda		        18		"
Mary			16		"
Thomas		        11		"
John M.		        8		"
Maria L. Elmer		2		"
Daniel Palmer		24  Farmer	Va
Robert S. Mitchel	38 Physician	"
Eliza G. Mitchel	34		Tn
John A. Mitchel	5		        Ohio