Blount Co., Tennessee
Blount Co. Tn. marriages 
GENTRY, Pleasent W    marr.    COTTRELL, Jane  on 18-MAR-1836
GENTRY, Philip      marr.     FRAZIER, Sally  on 16-DEC-1808

Jane Gentry --Thomas BROWN  17-Dec-1844
Benajah-- Jane GENTRY   15-July-1840
Anne--Silas THOMPSON   19-Mar-1844
Elizabeth--Matthew L.GENTRY-21-May-1842
Lucinda--Henry A. PETTY    19-Nov-1847
Martha-- Mark HARRIS      14-April-1838
Matthew L.(?)--Nancy I. Richardson  16-Mar-1844                                        
Nancy---Walter C. GENTRY  3-Sept-1840
submitted by Barbara Cole
GIBSON COUNTY, TN. Gibson Co. Tn. marriages GENTRY, Caroline marr. FUQUA, Stephen on 04-FEB-1834 GENTRY, Mary C marr. HAINS, James T on 14-DEC 1831 GENTRY, William marr. CALLION, Lavina on 09-JAN 1836 Green Co. Tennessee GENTRY, Bartelet marr. WHITMAN, Elizabeth on 01-FEB-1790 JACKSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE W. L. Gentry M. D. Harris Jan 11, 1887 J. V. Hawkins Syrena Gentry Oct 13, 1887 Deuh Prier Eva Gentry Dec 25, 1886 John Satterfield Maggie Gentry Nov 29, 1887 J. M. Gentry H. M. Lee May 10, 1888 M. H. Gentry Herriett Loftis Feb 22, 1889 J. D. Smith C. C. Gentry May 16, 1889 JEFFERSON CO., TENNESSEE GENTRY, Robert marr. WEST, Rachael on 13-NOV-1804 KNOX COUNTY,TENNESSEE GENTRY, Aaron marr. REYNOLDS, Elizabeth on 14-FEB-1833 GENTRY, Albert A marr. LUCY, Almira E on 06-SEP-1866 GENTRY, Albert F marr. BRIGHT, Susan M on 09-FEB-1893 GENTRY, Alfred marr. NELSON, Sarah on 14-JAN-1840 GENTRY, Allen marr. NEALY, Sarah on 29-JUL-1871 GENTRY, Altamirah marr. BRANSON, Enoch on 24-APR-1842 GENTRY, Annie marr. SCARBROUGH, R H on 07-JAN-1875 GENTRY, Caroline marr. BALL, Frederick on 22-SEP-1880 GENTRY, Caroline marr. SEAY, Wm F on 05-FEB-1856 GENTRY, Code marr. MONDAY, Maggie D on 30-NOV-1898 GENTRY, David marr. LEWIS, Alice on 22-DEC-1892 GENTRY, Effy A marr. SKAGGS, Robert R on 04-JAN-1854 GENTRY, Eleanor marr. MCPHERRIN, Samuel on 18-SEP-1823 GENTRY, Elizabeth marr. KIRK, Wm R on 09-NOV-1894 GENTRY, Elizabeth marr. REYNOLDS, George F Jr on 25-JAN-1826 GENTRY, George Wesley marr. AYRES, Jane on 04-JAN-1852 GENTRY, Hardin marr. ANDERSON, Nannie on 07-JUL-1887 GENTRY, Harriet E marr. MYNATT, Oscar on 01-JAN-1896 GENTRY, I L marr. TURNER, Mary Candas on 05-JUN-1886 GENTRY, Ida marr. CALDWELL, Wm E on 12-JAN-1896 GENTRY, Isaac marr. LEWIS, Elizabeth on 23-SEP-1818 GENTRY, Jacob S marr. BACON, Lydia A on 25-APR-1882 GENTRY, James marr. GRIMMITT, Sarah on 15-JUL-1841 GENTRY, James marr. VANDAGRIFF, Minnie on 29-DEC-1898 GENTRY, James marr. WYLIE, Felicia A on 30-MAY-1893 GENTRY, James marr. WILLIAMS, Martha E on 26-APR-1887 GENTRY, James Overton marr. REYNOLDS, Charlotte on 25-JAN-1826 GENTRY, Joab C marr. COX, Mary Ann on 17-DEC-1846 GENTRY, John marr. BOOKOUT, Nelie P on 27-OCT-1892 GENTRY, John marr. COX, Caroline on 21-DEC-1853 GENTRY, John marr. MCNEIL, Jane on 04-MAR-1824

GENTRY, John marr. NEWMAN, Elizabeth on 14-NOV-1807 GENTRY, John marr. WOODS, Minnie on 13-MAR-1896 GENTRY, Julia J marr. WALKER, Samuel on 01-MAY-1879 GENTRY, Lucy marr. BUTCHER, Grant on 31-DEC-1899 GENTRY, Marcus L marr. CRUDGINGTON, Maggie on 27-JUN-1886 GENTRY, Margaret marr. TURNER, F M on 13-JAN-1860 GENTRY, Margaret R marr. GRILLS, Pleasant R on 03-OCT-1833 GENTRY, Martin marr. MITCHELL, Sally on 06-OCT-1817 GENTRY, Martin marr. MITCHELL, Sally on 16-OCT-1817 GENTRY, Mary marr. BLACK, Joseph on 30-OCT-1893 GENTRY, Mary marr. SMITH, George on 27-AUG-1898 GENTRY, Mary Ann marr. TILLERY, Charles on 01-JUN-1865 GENTRY, Mary J marr. DOUGLASS, Thomas J on 28-DEC-1864 GENTRY, Minda marr. BAZE, Walter on 13-FEB-1900 GENTRY, Minnie L marr. PRESNELL, Frank L on 15-FEB-1894 GENTRY, Miry Jane marr. BRIGHT, John H on 14-MAY-1865 GENTRY, Mollie marr. HALL, Samuel on 12-JAN-1893 GENTRY, Myra marr. COBB, W S on 04-APR-1869 GENTRY, Nancy C marr. MAY, Michael on 04-MAR-1870 GENTRY, Nannie marr. POWELL, Wm on 12-APR-1897 GENTRY, Nannie marr. WOOD, Marion G on 01-FEB-1894 GENTRY, Parley A marr. MCLEOD, George P on 30-NOV-1884 GENTRY, Peter F marr. SPRADLING, Maria C on 17-MAY-1858 GENTRY, Pryor marr. NELSON, Sarah on 22-APR-1866 GENTRY, Rachel marr. MITCHELL, Jesse on 06-MAR-1820 GENTRY, Rebecca marr. MITCHELL, Jesse on 16-MAR-1820 GENTRY, Robt B marr. STERCHI, Mollie E on 07-APR-1895 GENTRY, Rosa C marr. DANNER, John C on 28-OCT-1896 GENTRY, Rufus M marr. COX, Eliza on 20-AUG-1876 GENTRY, Sarah S marr. SMITH, James L on 27-JUL-1859 GENTRY, Sophia R marr. MCCAMPBELL, Wm on 22-AUG-1867 GENTRY, Susan E marr. KIRKPATRICK, John R on 04-FEB-1866 GENTRY, Thomas E marr. PEAVLER, Bessie on 22-NOV-1896 GENTRY, W Dr marr. AILOR, Martha J on 20-JUN-1890 GENTRY, William marr. MCPHERRIN, Elizabeth on 03-SEP-1806 GENTRY, Wm O marr. DELOZIER, Annie L on 28-FEB-1898 FRANKLIN COUNTY, TN. Franklin Co. Tn. reconstructed marriages Joseph G. GENTRY to Mrs. Mary (MARSH) ROACH 1826. JOHNSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE

These are marriage dates of Gentrys from the newly posted 1850 Johnson Co. Tn. census on the Johnson Co. Tn web page. It was done by Pam Cresswell, a fantastic job! She has the heads of households with the wife listed and her maiden name, if known, and the marriage date. - Norma #27. Gilliland, David,33 & Nancy Gentry, 34, 9/21/1837 Johnson County Co. Tn #28. Gentry, David 58 & Sarah Buckner 57, bef. 1812 " #43. Arnold, William 31 & Elizabeth Gentry 22, 12/27/1841 " #49. Gentry, Richard M. 31, & Sarah Ann Gilliland, 21, 10/1/1846 " #69. Gentry John, 43 & Nancy Greer, abt. 1823
#86. Gentry, Phillip 36, & Histler 26, Hetty Cable 2/21/1841 " Second section of census #40 Gentry General 41 & Eliza Ann Rainbolt 3/24/1842 " #43 Miller, Martin 50, & Elizabeth Gentry 43, 7/29/1827 Carter Co. Tn. #54 Lawson, Madron 45, & Lucy Ann Gentry 37, (Lucy Annia) 6/19/1836 Johnson Co. Tn #3 John Gentry 73 no wife listed

LOUDON COUNTY LOUDON CO. TN. Marriages 47 315 John Gentry Mar 8, 1874 Ann Wilson MINN Co. TN Marriages GENTRY, Philip marr. FRAZIER, Sally on 16-DEC-18 GENTRY, Pleasent W marr. COTTRELL, Jane on 18-MAR-1836 EARLY TENNESSEE MARRIAGES Gentry, Philip & Sally Frazier - Dec. 16, 1808 Gentry, Sarah & George Snider Jan. 26, 1823 Gentry, Jesse & Eve Miller Aug. 31, 1823 Gentry, Polly & George Murphy May 13, 1808 Gentry, Sally & Thomas Stogner Feb. 13, 1809 Gentry, Polly & William Roach Oct. 12, 1816 Gentry, Nancy& James Shelton Aug. 19, 1816 Gentry, Bartelet & Elizabeth Whitman Feb. 1, 1790 Gentry, David & Delphy Bridgewater Apr. 26, 1803 Gentry, Rhody & Lewis Wheeler Mar. 2, 1813 Gentry, Patsy & George Smith Apr. 21, 1812 Gentry, Robert & Rachael West Nov. 13, 1804 Gentry, John & Priscilla Graham Oct. 1, 1812 Gentry, Silas & P. Witt April 18, 1814 Gentry, Martha & William Kelly Dec. 3, 1821 Gentry, Charles & Rhoda Carson Dec. 6, 1824 Gentry, Martin & Sally Mitchell Oct. 6, 1817 Gentry, Isaac & Elizabeth Lewis Sept. 23, 1818 Gentry, Rachel & Jesse Mitchell Mar. 6, 1820 Gentry, Cain & Patsey Philpot Jan. 16, 1823 Gentry, Allen & Sarah King July 14, 1825 Gentry, Shedrick & Rebecca Ballard May 24, 1823 Gentry, Thomas G. & Elizabeth Campbell Jan. 5, 1819 Gentry, William W. & Virginia B. Campbell Feb. 27, 1823 Gentry, --- & William Major Nov. 19, 1824 Gentry, Samuel L. & Mary Robinson Mar. 28, 1825 Gentry, Nicholas & Sally Browder Feb. 19, 1805 Gentry, Polly & Robert Rogers June 9, 1812 Gentry, George & Patsey Carson July 2, 1813 Gentry, Nancy & Thomas Lovell Aug. 19, 1815 Gentry, Elizabeth & Robert Read Jan. 16, 1817 Gentry, Faney & Thomas Cheatham Aug. 24, 1818 Gentry, Nicholas & Polly Nunn Oct. 26, 1818 Gentry, Sinia & Richard T. Long Jan. 25, 1821 Gentry, Betsey & Wiley Perry Aug. 28, 1822 Gentry, Theopulus L. & Rebecca B. Sappington Mar. 24, 1825 From Ancestry pages - Vital Records for Tennessee
***************************** Mitchell, Jesse, to Rachel Gentry; Mar. 6, 1820 Mark Harris to Martha Gentry Apr. 14, 1838 Benajah Gentry to Jane Gentry - July 15, 1840 Walter C. Gentry to Nancy Gentry Sept 3, 1840 Mathew L. Gentry to Eliza Gentry May 21, 1842 Silas Thompson to Anne Gentry March 19, 1844 Thomas Brown to Jane Gentry Dec. 17, 1844 Henry A. Petty to Lucinda Gentry Nov. 19, 1878 NAMES: John Carr to Mary Biddle Jan. 31, 1848 SURETY: Wm. GENTRY ------------------------------------- Thanks to Martha Keys for the following marriage: Rutherford Co.,TN (Murfreesboro) Samuel Keys married Frances Gentry issued April 12, 1816 solomnized April 18, 1816 by Thomas Berry, JP, District 1 (The name was transcribed wrongly as Getly, but is Gentry in the
original records. This couple had a son, James Keys, in 1817 and
then moved to Washington Co., VA. They are my 3-ggp.)
Martha Keys


1850 Bledsoe Co., Tn, 
20  451  451 Gentry         John           35   M         Blacksmith 	TN
21  451  451 Gentry         Elizabeth      28   F		 	Tn                                
22  451  451 Gentry         William        2    M			Tn                              
23  451  451 Gentry         Virginia       6/12 F			Tn                                
24  451  451 Gentry         Serena         27   F			Tn

36  454  454 Gentry         Allen          59   M         Labourer	GA                                 
37  454  454 Gentry         Sarah          48   F			TN       
38  454  454 Gentry         Zelzy A.       24   F			TN                                   
39  454  454 Gentry         Amy L.         20   F			TN                                   
40  454  454 Gentry         Sarah E.       27   F			TN
41  454  454 Gentry         Eliga L.       14   M			TN                                 
42  454  454 Gentry         Joshua C.      12   M			TN      
1   454  454 Gentry         James K.       9    M			TN                                   
2   454  454 Gentry         Francis M.     5    M			TN

40  460  460 Gentry         Thomas H.      22   M         Blacksmith	TN                           
41  460  460 Gentry         Eunis          20   F			TN

13  772  772 Gentry         John A.        39   M          Waggon Maker TN 
14  772  772 Gentry         Nancy          25   F			TN                               
15  772  772 Gentry         Margaret A.    3    F			TN

Carter Co. - 1850 census
Joseph Gentry  45  Tn
Susannah       52  VA
Sarah A.       22  Tn
Lewis L        13  "
William L      18  "
Ephraim         9  "
Thomas L. Gentry 23  Tn
Mary             27   Tn
John              7  "

JOHNSON CO.Civil District 1 - 1850 census

William B. Gentry     28 Tn         
Mary Jane             23  VA

David Gentry         58  Tn   (bro. to Benjamin)
Sarah                57  "
Mary Ann             25   "
Thomas               23  "
David                21  "
Sarah Jane           19  "
Andrew M.            16  "
Dor ? E.              7 "

John Gentry          28  Tn
Theodicia            22  "
Caltherine A.         2  "
Sarah E.             5/12 Tn

John Gentry        43     Tn (son of Benjamin)
Nancy (Blackburn)  29     NC  (second wife of John)
General George W.  24     Tn
John Roe           19      "
Mary D.            17     "
Thomas F.          14      "
Andrew             11      "
Levi                2       " (child by Nancy Blackburn)
Martha A.          6/12     " (child by  "     "       )
John Blackburn      9       NC  Nancy Blackburn son

Philip Gentry    36  NC
Hester           26  TN
James R.          6  "        
Rebecca E.        4  "
America M.        1    "

General W. Gentry   41  NC  (son of Benjamin)
Elizabeth (Rambo)  26    ?
Mayland ?            7  Tn
Cornelia             5   "
Nanyard              2   "

DIST. #8
John Gentry    73  Tn   Shoemaker  (bro. to Benjamin)
Keziah         37
Sarah         9/12

Sampson Cole   43
Dulartha Gentry  55 (d/o Joseph and Winifred Gentry)
Jefso           19
Joseph          18
James           17
Benjamin        14
David           12
John R.         11

Lawson Madron     35  Tn
Lucy Ann Gentry   37  Tn (d/o Benjamin)
John M. Madron     12  Tn
Marthat A. "        9  "
William A. "        8  "
Robert G.   "        6  "
James H.    "        2  "
Joseph M.   "       9/12 "
John Crosswhite     2     "

Martin Miller       50   NC
Elizabeth Gentry    43   Tn  (d/o Benjamin)
John A.  Miller     20   "
Rhoda Ann    "      18    "
Franklin     "      16    "
George W.    "      12    "
Nicholas     "      10    "
Catharine    "       9   "
Benjamin     "       6   "
Lawson       "       4   "
Elizabeth    "      4/12 "
************************** From Pamela Geisler Smith Gresham, OR Found this in the Monroe Co.,TN Heritage Book pub. by the Historical Society . . . pg. 165 - Family #620 The Curtis Family - Morris Curtis b. 1891 - d. 1980 . . . . (names children) Morris Curtis m. JoElla Smith, her parents. . . Cruiser Smith m. Myrtle Sneed . . .(names children) . . . Myrtle's parents were William Harvey Sneed and Cordelia Davis. William b. 14 Nov 1874, Cordelia b. 10 March 1879. William's parents are Morgen Tickney Sneed Jr. b. - 30 May 1846-d. 21 Aug 1923 and wife Jane JENTRY. . . . Jane JENTRY's parents were William JENTRY and Nancy THOMPSON. Submitted by Simon Curtis, Madisonville, TN 37354 This would be Morgan Pinkney (Pickney) Sneed and Jane Gentry. Jane's parents were William S. "Bill" Gentry, s/o John N. Gentry, first found in Buncombe County, and Nancy Thompson. (these families are in Cherokee County, NC, check http://www.goldenbranches.com/nc-state/cherokee for more data) Other children of William S. and Nancy Thompson Gentry were: Mary Ann "Polly" Gentry m. Leander H. Mulkey Sarah Gentry m. Robert Lovingood, Miles M. Sneed Christopher Columbus Gentry m. Mary Emma Wilson Nancy Louise Gentry m. Joseph L. McDowell John N. Gentry (John, Stephen and father William were killed on the same day in Hanging Dog, NC) Stephen M. Gentry Jane Gentry m. Morgan Pinkney Sneed William Alexander "Teak" Gentry m. Mary M. "Polly" Burgess (Patricia Schiro schiro@gte.net descends from this line) Alleson Gentry, b. abt 1854, d. before 1860 Phoebe Caroline Gentry m. Thomas Christopher Mills (I descend from this line) FROM: Diane Ramsey Miller ************************** Here's some interesting facts for desc. of Elisha Gentry b. 1746 researchers (long post) In looking for parents of my Allen Gentry Sr. b. 1792 SC who migrated to TN between 1820-1830 and then to MO by 1837, I found the 1830 TN census contained 2 Allen Gentry in McMinn Co - one referred to as Allen Sr and another just Allen Gentry. So while digging further into McMinn/Rhea County records this is what I discovered. It always amazes me the people who were in county records that NEVER appear on the census!! Rhea Co. formed 1819 bordered by McMinn Co, Rhea Co., Bledsoe Co., Hamilton and Indian Lands. First Gentry mentioned in area records was David Gentry who was a bondsman to William Rogers in 1813 in McMinn Co. This David was the wife of Tiana Rogers. They went to Arkansas with the Cherokee early and he d. in AR. Tiana Gentry then m. Samuel Houston. Here also by 1820 is Cain, the son of Elisha Gentry and probably siblings living with him. But who is William? Is his wife Neoma? Who is the Shedrick Gentry? Where did all these Allen's come from? 1820 Rhea Co.,TN - Taxables in Capt. Samuel McDaniel's Co. GENTRY, Cain no land 1 wp - no bp Allen " 1 wp - " Wm " 0 wp - 1 black poll 1821 Rhea Co., TN - Taxables in Capt. Samuel McDaniel's Co. GENTRY, Leoma no land 0 wp - 1 black poll Allen " 1 wp - 0 " Cain " 1 wp - 0 " 1821 - Rhea Co., TN - Court of Pleas & Quar Sessions August Session, case #1111 - "Cain GENTRY, late of said county and John Moor an affray did commit by fighting together in a publick place . . ". August Session, case #1133 - "Micajah GENTRY, ditto State vs Micajah GENTRY fined $1.00 . . . Timothy Philpot involved also State vs Cain GENTRY fined $1.00 . . . " " 1822 Rhea Co., TN - Taxables in Capt. Joel Ketchms Co. GENTRY, Leoma no land 0 wp - 1 black poll Cain Allen " 1 wp - 0 " PHILPOT, Timothy " 1 wp - 0 " 1822 Rhea Co. TN Court of Pleas & Quar Sessions pg. 175 Allen GENTRY - defendant regarding debt pg. 208 Allen GENTRY - apptd to lay out road w/others 1823 Rhea Co., TN - Taxables in Capt. Jackson's Co. GENTRY, Allen no land 1 wp - 0 black poll Mrs. " 0 " - 1 " Cain " 1 '' - 0 " 1823 Rhea Co., TN - Cain Gentry m. Patsy Philpot Roane Co.,TN - Shedrick Gentry to Rebecca Ballard 1824 Rhea Co., TN - Taxables in Capt. Jacksons Co. GENTRY, Allen no land 1 wp - 0 black poll Maomi " 0 wp - 1 " Micajah " 1 " - 0 " Cain " 1 " - 0 " PHILPOT, John " 1 " - 0 " 1824 Rhea Co., TN - John Gentrey m. Elizabeth Hays 1825 - Allen Gentry signs a petition for a Grist Mill to be built in McMinn Co., TN - Allen Gentry m. Sarah King in Rhea Co., TN (to Bledsoe Co. later 1825 - Allen Gentry - bondsman for Jesse Sutton in Rhea Co.,TN 1825 - 1827 Allen Gentry assigned to road crews on several occasions in Court minutes ". . . to Rosses Ferry" 1826 - Rhea Co., TN - Taxables in Capt Powell's Co. GENTRY, Allen no land 1 wp - 0 black poll 1827 - Rhea Co., TN - Allen Gentry and Thomas King among others named on inventory of Richard Haslrig as owing estate. 1828 - Rhea Co., TN - Taxables in Capt. White's Co. GENTRY, Allen no land 1 wp - 0 black poll PHILPOT, Alexander 480 ac 1 wp - 2 " 1829 - McMinn Co., TN - Taxables in Capt. Little's Co. GENTRY, Allen no land 1 wp in Capt. Childer's Co. GENTRY, Shedrick no land 1 wp 1830 Census - Rhea Co., TN GENTRY, Robert 000011-1001 pg. 379 McMinn Co., TN GENTRY, Allen Sr. 0121201-1011001 b. 1770-1780 has a son named Allen GENTRY, Allen 11101 -00101 b. 1780-1790 (Allen Gentry to MO McNairy Co., TN GENTRY, Cain GENTRY, Micajah 1830 Tax List McMinn Co., TN Capt. Wilkins Co. JINTRY, Shedrick no land 1 wp Capt. Derick's Co. GENTRY, Allen no land no poll GENTRY, David 260 acres no poll taxed jointly (father & son) 7 1/2 1831 Tax List McMinn Co., TN Capt Derick's Co. GENTRY, Allen no land 1 wp 1832 Tax List McMinn Co., TN Capt. Shambling Co. GENTRY, John no land 1 wp 1833 Tax List Greene Co., MO GENTRY, Cain - 3 horses, 6 cows, 1 wp >> to Benton Co., AR GENTRY, M. 3 horses, 7 cows, 1 wp " 1840 Census - Bledsoe Co., TN - Allen GENTRY 2010101 - 21011 DeKalb Co., AL - Shedrick GENTRY Taney Co., MO - Allen GENTRY b. 1792 SC - d. 1848 1850 Census - Bledsoe Co., TN - Allen GENTRY b. 1791 GA wife Sarah Jackson Co., AL - Shedrick GENTRY b. 1790-1796 SC - d. AR Elisha Gentry b. 1746 VA - d. 1803 Clarke Co., GA m. Neomy ___? Was this the Neoma/Leoma/Mrs. Gentry on the Rhea Co. Tax records? LDS fim #1034759 - Item #8 - microfilm of records filmed at Co.Courthouse, Bentonville, AR - Micajah Gentry, b. 1794-1799 GA - killed in AR 1841. - Item #9 - Elijah Gentry b. 1782 m. Margaret Pamela Geisler Smith Gresham, OR
OBION COUNTY,TN Obion Post Office and Postmasters of Obion County, TN Bulah, 1847-1859, changed to State Line, Fulton Co. KY Gentry, William, 27 Sept. 1847 1850 Census Obion Co. TN, Pg. 706 # 496 Gentry, Polly, 45 KY John, 23 KY Permelia, 23 TN James, 20 IL Michel, 18 IL Manerva, 13 KY Sarah, 12 KY Wesley, 8 KY Abram, 5 KY Mary, 4/12 TN Submitted by: L. Cordell ****************************************************** RETURN TO INDEX Page


Gentry, Hugh
Gentry, Joseph

BIBLE RECORDS OF JOSEPH and POLLY GENTRY This a.m. we received a copy of Vol#8 book#4 of Surry Co. NC Genealogical Assoc. Journal (Oct 1988). Listed are the entries in Joseph and Mary GENTRY's Bible. As follows: BIBLE OF JOSEPH AND POLLY GENTRY Father and Mother of Mary Gentry Joseph Gentry (Sunday) Sept 4, 1797 Polly Gentry (Saturday) March 31, 1799 (Hodges) married: Joseph Gentry - no married date Children: Tabitha (Thesday) Oct 27, 1818 Allen (Sunday) May 7, 1820 James (Monday) July 15, 1822 Sarah (Wednesday) Feb 16, 1824 John (Monday) Dec 12, 1825 Elizabeth (Sunday) Dec 23, 1827 Edward (Saturday) May 30, 1829 Jonathan (Thursday) May 5, 1831 Sheldton (Wednesday) Feb 13, 1833 Katherine (Saturday) Dec 13, 1834 Joseph (Wednesday) Feb 25, 1837 Mary (Thursday) May 7, 1839 DEATHS: Jonathan June 14, 1846 Allen July 12, 1849 Elizabeth Oct 25, 1851 Note: Sarah married Henry Southard and Allen married Mahala Southard Contributed by Sammie Leap ***************************** PUTNAM CO.,Tn. WILL INDEX Gentry, M. E. 55-56 Jun 4, 1885 Mar 9, 1886 Gentry, Silas H. 425 Dec 24, 1931 Jan 13, 1932 Mary R. Gentry


McMinn County, Tennessee - Jones Chapel Cemetery 
GENTRY      EDD                 8-30-1885      5-20-1955
            GRACE R.            2-28-1891      12-04-1987
GENTRY      DAVID W.            9-22-1883      1-13-1950
            GRACE DODSON        3-24-1888      10-26-1947
GENTRY      REV. F. R.          7-22-1906      1-04-1982
            SARAH C.            10-10-1906     1-02-1991

Dodson Cemetery, McMinn Co. Tn. 
GENTRY      DARCUS              09-13-1839  07-02-1914
GENTRY      GILBERT W.          DEC 1824    01-18-1855


Johnson County News, Mountain City, TN Thursday, January 23, 1947, pp.2 DEATHS JOHN A. GENTRY John A. Gentry, age 55, died in St. Elizabeth Hospital, Elizabethton, Monday, Jan. 20, following a short illness. He was an active member of the Laural Bloomery Methodist Church and a teacher of the Intermediate class of the Sunday school. He had been employed by the Lincoln Manufacturing Co. of Damascus, Va., for a number of years. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Martha Gentry, and the following children: Kelly Gentry, Laurel Bloomery; Stacy Gentry, Kingsport; R. D. Gentry, Elizabethton; Luther Gentry, Laurel Bloomery; also three brothers and sisters: Rod Gentry, Laurel Bloomery; Mrs. Lola M. Dutton, Smithshire, Ill.; Mrs. Laura Stone, Gilbert, W.Va.; Mrs. Gussie Rash, Laurel Bloomery; Walker R. Gentry, Laurel Bloomery. Four grandchildren also survive. Funeral service will be held at the Laurel Bloomery Methodist Church at 2 p.m., Wednesday, with Rev. J. Ray Stuart and Rev. W. B. Robbins in charge. Interment in the Gentry cemetery, Laurel Bloomery. Nephews and neighbors will serve as pallbearers, and nieces will serve as flower bearers. Tennessee Tomahawk, Mountain City, TN; June 30, 1899 pp. 3 Miss Annie Gentry died at her home in Johnson City last Thursday of consumption. She was known to many in our little city, having visited here at different times. Her many friends will regret to hear of her death. Tennessee Tomahawk, Friday, August 10, 1900, pp2 G. W. Gentry, an aged and highly respected citizen who lives two miles west of Edom, is seriously ill with cancer, and it is thought he will not survive many days. Tennessee Tomahawk, Thursday, July 1, 1915 pp. 5 MRS. GENTRY ILL. Mrs. John Gentry, nee Miss Bertha Lewis, who had been very ill the past month at her home west of town, is still in a serious condition, with but little hopes of her recovery. Johnson County News, July 30, 1943 pp. 2 DEATH OF AMANDA J. GENTRY Amanda J. Gentry died at the home of her son Jim Gentry Tuesday July 20th. She was 90 years, 6 months, 20 days old. She was known to all her friends as aunt Mandy. She was the wife of Barthlomew Gentry, who passed away some 20 years ago. She is survived by five sons and two daughters, Eck, Scott, John and Jim Gentry of Mountain City, Mrs. Julia Minton, of Kingsport, Mrs. Sallie Henson of West Chester, Pa. She is also survivved by a great number of grandchildren , great granchildren and great-great grandchildren. The funeral which was conducted at the home Wednesday afternoon by Rev. Thames. Burial was in charge of Donnelly Funeral Home. Johnson County News, Sept. 30, 1943 pp. 1 LAUREL BLOOMERY MAN DIES MONDAY James R. Gentry, resident of the Laurel Bloomery community passed away at his home, Monday, September 27, 1943. Mr. Gentry was 78 years old and is survived by his wife, one son, Walter Gentry of Laurel Bloomery; three daughters, Mrs. Clint Able and Mrs. Frank Gentry, both of Laurel Bloomery, and Mrs. Roy Asborne of Shady Valley; one step-son, D. E. Reece of Mountain City and one step-daughter, Matilda Reese; eighteen grandchldren; two sisters, Mrs. Frank Lessman and Mrs. Sallie Stykes also of Laurel Bloomery. The funeral services were held Thursday afternoon at the home, Rev. Blevins officiated. Johnson County News, Thursday, December 2, 1943 pp. 2 ROBERT P. GENTRY Robert P. Gentry, born January 2, 1856, died at his home 11:00 o'clock Wednesday night, November 24, 1943, following a short illness, at the age of 87 years. In early life he professed faith in Christ and joined the Liberty Christian Church; and lived a faithful Christian the remainder of his life. In 1882 he maried Miss Mary Cress and to this union 14 children were born, eight boys and 6 girls. Two died in infancy, and two other children preceded him in death. Surviving are: His widow, Mrs. Mary Gentry; Five sons, I. T. Gentry, S. T. Gentry, W. A. Gentry, R. S. Gentry and C. O. Gentry, all of Mountian City Tennessee. Five daughters, Mrs. Moore Robinson, Mrs. Dora Forrester, and Mrs. Hobert Wilson, all of Mountain City, Tennessee; Mrs. D. C. Wilson of Damascus, Va. and Mrs. SAm Phillippi of Elkton, Md. Thirty-four grandchildren and twenty-one great grandchildren. Funeral was conducted at the Liberty Christian Church, with Rev. Dickson and Rev. Miller in charge, Friday. The Donnelly Funeral Home had charge of the funeral arrangements. Taylorsville Reporter, Taylorsville, TN, Friday, Dec. 15, 1882 pp. 3 Mr. David Gentry, aged 95 years died Dec. 7th. Mr. Gentry was one of the oldest men of the county. The bereaved have many sympathizing friends. Johnson County News, Thursday, May 11, 1944, pp 1 MEMORIAL SERVICE TO BE SUNDAY Memorial services for Pvt. Walter Gentry, killed in action on Gouganville Island in the southwest Pacific, are to be held on Sunday afternoon, May 14, at 2 o'clock at the Valley View Methodist Church. Rev. W. B. Robbins and Rev. Lawrence Trivette will be in charge of the service. The following obit was an error in my INDEX.... but here it is anyway: Johnson County News, Thursday, Sept. 28, 1944, pp. 2 FORMER RESIDENT PASSES AWAY Mrs. Blaine GENTRY has been notified of the death of Mrs. Mary Lenis WILSON, who was born here May 27, 1875. She departed this life Aug. 28, 1944, being 69 years old. She spent a year of lingering illness at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Geo. MILLER. Mrs. WILSON was married to John A. Wilson here, Feb. 14, 1897, where they lived until 1916, then moving to Parma, Ida. Left to mourn her going are three sons, Sherman and Conley of Parma and Dwight of Nampa, Ida.; two daughters: Mrs. Geo. Miller of Melba, Mrs. J. L. Dutro of Nampa; two brothers: T. S. CROSSWHITE and R. N. CORSSWHITE of Los Angeles, Cal.; two sisters: Mrs. J. C. Lewis of Caldwell, Iad. and Mrs. Douglas McDonald of Nyssa, Ore.; eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild; and a host of friends and relatives. Her husband and one daughter, Mrs. Marvin Jackson, preceded her in death. Mrs. Wilson lived a consistent Christian life, uniting with the Christian church in early life, later becoming affiliated with the Rosswell Baptist Church Funeral services were conduicted from the Peckham Chapel at Caldwell, Ida. by the Rev. Shelby Robinson, pastor of the Melba Baptist Church. Interment was int he Parma Cemetery. Our hearts go out in deep sympathy to her children and loved ones, and may we bow in humble submission to the will of God who doeth all things well.

Special Thanks go to Jerry Ann Stout of the Johnson County Tennessee maillist. THE JOHNSON COUNTY NEWS, Mountain City, TN. Thursday, April 8, 1948, page one DEATHS MRS. DOSHIA GENTRY... ... aged 65, died in Grace Hospital, Banner Elk, N.C., Tuesday. She was a member of State Line Baptist Church, Taylors Valley. Her husband, Baxter, died in 1927 and five chldren preceded her in death. Three sons and two daughters survive: Earl, Lenoir, N.C.; Garnett and Raymond of Laurel Bloomery; Mrs. Clarence Able and Mrs. Milton Greer of Laurel Bloomery. Seven grandchildren and other relatives also survive. Funeral was held last Thursday at 2 p.m. at State Line Baptist Church, with Rev. Clarence Nelson and Rev. A. H. Roberts of Butler officiating. Interment in State Line cemetery. Friends acted as pallbearers and flower bearers. Thursday, June 10, 1948 page four OBITUARY FRANK GENTRY... ...47, died at his home at Laurel Bloomery Tuesday night, June 28, after a brief illness. Funeral was held today, July 1, at 2 p.m. at the State Line Baptist Church of which he was a member. Survivors are his wife, Belle; two daughters, Mrs. Dessie Moss Gentry and Mrs. Jestie Mae Reece; five sons, Lester, Charlie, Lillard, Willard, and Glenn Gentry, all of Laurel Bloomery; his mother, Mrs. Elba Gentry, also of Laurel Bloomery; three sisters, Mrs. Liza Osborne of Elk City, Md., Mrs. Annie Owens of Lenoir, N.C., and Mrs. Ollie Richardson of Taylor's Valley, Va.; three brothers, Ed of Damascus, Va., Burr of Mountain City, and Jake of Laurel Bloomery. Thursday, October 21, 1948, page one DEATHS WALKER R. GENTRY... ... age 53, died at his home near Laurel Bloomery at 9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 21. Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Betty E. Gentry and the following children: Mrs. Russell Brown, Mrs. Crowley Moses and Wallace Gentry, Laurel Bloomery; Mrs. Rufus Hatcher, Akron, Ohio; Miss Frances Gentry, Bristol, Va., one brother, Rod Gentry, Laurel Bloomery; three sisters, Mrs. Dola Dutton, Smithshire, Ill; Mrs. Lewis Stone, North Matewan, W.Va. and Mrs. Gussie Rash, Laurel Bloomery, and two grandchildren, Vernon Adie Moses and Kenneth Walker Hatcher. Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Saturday at the home in charge of Rev. Abe Aldridge, Rev. Walter Lee Gates and Rev. R. E. Rice. Burial followed in the Gentry cemetery. Thursday, March 3, 1949 page one Deaths MRS. ELLA GENTRY... ... 71, wife of J. A. Gentry, died at her home the morning of March 14 after a long illness. She was a member of the Liberty Christian Church. She is survived by her husband and the following children: Selmer of Wooster, O.; Wade, Emory, Gayther, Dale and Thurmond of Mountain City; Mrs. Mina Ellison of Todd, N.C.;. six brothers, Dave, Charley, Fred, Pete, and Don Smith, all of Mountain City. Funeral was held Tuesday at 2 p.m. from the home. Rev. R. T. Mabry was in charge. Pallbearers and flower bearers were nieces and nephews. Burial followed in Phillippi cemetery. Thursday, July 14, 1949 page one (There is a photo with this one) SERVICEMAN BURIED WEDNESDAY, JULY 13 Sgt. J. C. Gentry was born Sept. 3, 1923, and entered the armed services Dec. 2, 1942. He spent most of his training in Camp Howze, Texas, and left there for the European theatre. He was killed Nov. 30, 1944, in France, and was awarded the Purple Heart. The remains of the late Sgt. Gentry accompanied by escort, arrived in Bristol the morning of Wednesday, July 13. Surviving are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Gentry of Shady Valley, and the following brothers: Lewis, Bumpass, Va.; Miles, Thornburg, Va.; Fred, Bristol; S. T., Shady Valley, and a host of other relatives and friends. Funeral was held Wednesday afternoon, July 13, 3:00 p.m. at the Evergreen Baptist Church, Trade. Rev. Joel H. Ponder of Mountain City and Rev. Noah Riddle of Shouns were in charge of services. Veterans and friends were pallbearers and flower bearers. Internment was in the Snyder cemetery at Trade. page 2 (same issue) DEATHS BENJAMIN S. GENTRY... ...Funeral services for Benjamin S. Gentry, 79, who died at his home in Shady Valley Sunday night were at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Shady Valley Presbyterian Church with Rev. Abe Aldridge officiating. Burial was in the family cemetery. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Ida Gentry, Shady Valley, four sons, Louis F. Gentry, Bumpes, VA., Miles H. Gentry, Thornsburg, Va., Fred W. Gentry, Bristol, and S. T. Gentry, Shady Valley; one sister; 14 grandchildren and three great grandchildren. page 3 (same issue) MRS. BRUCE GENTRY... ...age 38, died at Harvard Memorial Hospital, Harvard Grace, Md., June 21 at 9:30 a.m. She united with the Methodist Church at an early age, and is survived by her husband, Bruce and two sons, Edward Eugene and Johnny Bruce of Maryland; her father, A. C. Vaught of Johnson City; two sisters: Mrs. Nell Barry, Elizabethon, and Jewel Dean Vaught of Johnson City; three brother, Lewis E. Vaught, Philadelphia, Pa.; Robert Vaught, Morristown, and David Vaught of Johnson City. Funeral was conducted by Rev. Abe Aldridge, assisted by Rev. Rufus Mitchell and Rev. A. E. Browne. Burial was in the family cemetery. Thursday, June 23, 1949, page four DEATHS MRS. BRUCE GENTRY... ...age 38, died at a hospital in Rising Sun, Md., after a long illness, Tuesday, June 21. She is survived by her husband, Bruce Gentry; two sons, Eugene and James of Rising Sun; her father, A. C. Vaught of Johnson City; one sister, Mrs. Nell Barry of Elizabethton; two brothers, Bob Vaught of Morristown and Lewis Vaught of Pennsylvania. Burial was at Laurel Bloomery, Friday, June 24. Rev. A. E. Browne officiated. From Jerry Ann Stout - Johnson County Tn. mail list