Hello Babies!

Welcome Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers! This page is meant as a source of information, and also a place for Toronto and Area Adult Babies to come and visit, and find a babysitter. I am available to babysit all Adult Babies on an "outcall" basis. Unfortunately, I am not able to entertain at my home, however if you require a female babysitter to look after you..I am your person. In real life I am a Nanny, and have taken ECE courses in college. I have also submitted an application to Tommy of DPF to be listed in the roster as a babysitter. My friend (ab_rover) can also visit, and can role play as either another baby, or as a daddy/big brother. If you are interested, please click on the email button below, and we can set up a date and time to get you looked after. I will change your diapers, feed you and make sure that you stay out of trouble. Since I am new to the adult baby scene, I don't have the appropriate equipment to watch big babies, so pacifiers, diapers, et al would be supplied by you. I do so hope to hear from you soon... Nanny Nanc

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Send Nanny Nanc a message if you would like to be babysat, letting me know what the details are, and when you would like to be babysat. I will reply as quickly as possible.

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