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This page is dedicated to one of my favorite things....smiley faces.

Many of these smiley faces were sent to me from people who know I love smiley faces. In fact this backround was sent to me by Clint, you should visit his pages...they are pretty neat. My other big smiley face provider is Jason he has about a billion pages about everything. All of Jason's pages are awesome because he knows a lot about making pages.

I am not sure when my obsession with smiley faces began....a while ago I know that. Now I have them e-mail address, my car, web page, pencils, name it i have it. I am attracted to anything with a big yellow smile.

My favorite color is yellow...can you beleive that? One of my dreams is to own a yellow corvette...for now I am settling for a yellow bug. I am going to name it...Mr.Smiley. With any luck I should have this car soon.

I am in college and my notes are covered with smiley faces that I doodle while listening to boring lectures. I also have smiley face folders. One that is titled "Have a day" has my favorite smiley face on is a smiley face with tire tracks on it and underneath it has written "Have a hit buy a bus day"! It makes me giggle!!

I would like to say thanks to all of those who have sent me smiley faces. I love each of them.

I have recently received some more smiley faces and I am making changes daily so come back often.

I know it is not a smiley face but you can't be happy all the time.

This is how I look when I see a brand spanking new Bug drive by!

Drunk or dead??? You decide.

Too cute.

Joe Cool


A girls best friend



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