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Adams, Capt. Wayne Nielsen, Leslie The Creature (1)
Admiral 2 Sande, Walter The Human Computer
Admiral I Lytton, Herbert The Human Computer
Air Force Liutenant Boyett, William The Blizzard Makers
Alicia Romen, Rachel Escape from Venice
alien Culliton Patrick Savage Jungle
Alpha Crawford, John Time Lock
Amadi, Major Alcaide, Mario The Magnus Beam
Ames, Dr. Crandall Loggia, Robert Graveyard of Fear
Anders Sargent, William The Fear Makers
Anderson Jones, G. Stanley The Village of Guilt
Andre, Maj. John Beckley, William No Way Back
Andrews McLiam, John Secret of the Loch
Ang, Prince Pettit, Michael Long Live the King
Angie Parry, Zale The Amphibians
Angie Lang, Judy The Left-Handed Man
Angus Mitchell, George Secret of the Loch
Antonio Nello, Tommy Escape from Venice
Archer Franz, Arthur The Condemned
Arnold, Gen. Benedict Atwater, Barry No Way Back
Ashton, Gen. Genge, Paul Doomsday
Astronaut 1 Chadwick, Robert The Silent Saboteurs
Astronaut 2 Jordan, Ted The Silent Saboteurs
Azziz, Abdul Abuchon, Jacques The Magnus Beam
Bailey Sims, George T. The Menfish
Baines, Dr. King, Wright Submarine Sunk Here
Balter, Cmdr. Bill Coe, Barry The Monster's Web
Beach, CPO Dubbins, Don Rescue
Beeker, Gen. George Hoyt, John Hail to the Chief
Bellini, Guiseppe Gardenia, Vincent Escape from Venice
Benson Carr, Paul Terror on Dinosaur Island
Bentley, Jim Mantee, Paul Nightmare
Benton, Dr. Andrew Wendell, Howard Cradle of the Deep
Bergstrom, Dr. Olaf Ryder, Alfred The Heat Monster
Bishop, Lt. Comi, Paul Submarine Sunk Here
Blackbeard Throne, Malachi The Return of Blackbeard
Blake Doyle, Robert Submarine Sunk Here
Blanchard, Dr. Pierre Lormer, Jon Fatal Cargo
Borgman, Dr. Dehner, John The Menfish
Boson's mate Mars, Bruce Killers of the Deep
Boy Vigen, Greger The Village of Guilt
boy dwarf Delfino, Frank Time Bomb
Braddock, Dr. Kermit Montaigne, Lawrence Man Beast
Bradley, Dr. Lupton, John The Lost Bomb
Brand, Dr. Constantine, Michael The Indestructible Man
Brenda Ruggieri, Fran‡oise And Five of us are Left
Brent, Capt. Salmi, Albert Dead Men's Doubloons
Brewster, Benjamin Wrights, Ben The Last Battle
Brock, Leo Parfrey, Woodrow Fatal Cargo
Bryce, Dr. Ellen Lockhart,June The Ghost of Moby Dick
Bryce, Dr. Walter Binns, Edward The Ghost of Moby Dick
Bryce, Jimmy Beekman, Bob The Ghost of Moby Dick
Brynov, Alexei Asner, Edward The Exile
Brynov, Mikhail Wingreen, Jason The Exile
bucaneer Catron, Jerry Night of Terror
Burke, Sam Fix, Paul The Terrible Toys
Cabillo Barrier, Michael The Left-handed Man
Captain Lanin, Jay Mutiny
Carleton, Dr. Eric Harris, Robert H. The Sky's on Fire
Carter, Glenn Voland, Herbert The Death Ship
Case, Dan Brooke, Walter The Fear-Makers
Casein, Dan Brooke, Walter The Fear Makers
Casone, detta Gam, Rita The Mist of Silence
Centaur 2 Gosa, Jim Journey with Fear
Centaur I Dynarksi, Gene Journey with Fear
clown Dunn, Michael The Wax Men
Collins Lindsey, George Submarine Sunk Here
Connors, Ad. Bill Bissel, Whit The Peacemaker
Corbett Harron, Donald Mutiny
Corbett, Cmdr. Harron, Donald Doomsday
Corby, Alexander McGiver, John The X Factor
Corporal Prescott, Sy Doomsday
corpsman Culliton Patrick The Terrible Leprechaun
Corpsman Tata, Joey The Deadly Amphibians
Corpsman Babick, Frank The Abominable Snowman
Countess Shane, Sara Long Live the King
Crane, Cmdr. Lee B. Hedison, David Regular Character
Cregar, Frederick Klemperer, Werner The Blizzard Makers
crewman Culliton Patrick Jonah and the Whale
crewman Culliton Patrick The Creature (1)
Crewman Triesault, Ivan The Price of Doom
Crewman Bellah, John The Terrible Leprechaun
Crewman 1 Brann, Thom Terror
Crewman 2 Davis, Brent Terror
Crofter Owen, Tudor Secret of the Loch
Croupier Roberto, Freddie Escape from Venice
Cyborg's voice Crane, Fred The Cyborg
chairman Colman, Booth Eleven Days to Zero
chairman Colman, Booth The Mist of Silence
Chairman Torey, Hal Eleven Days to Zero
Chairman Kroeger, Berry Hail to the Chief
Chandler, Arthur Sheiner, David The Death Ship
Cheng, Li Takei, George The Silent Saboteurs
Chief Williams, Adam The Sky is Falling
D'Alvarez, Gen.Esteban Kellin, Mike The Mist of Silence
Dalgren, Oscar Geray, Steven The Village of Guilt
Danny Graham, Frank The Amphibians
Davis, Dr. Martin Bochner, Lloyd The Fear Makers
Deiner, Col. Carl Feldary, Eric The Last Battle
Denning, Carol Craig, Yvonne Turn Back the Clock
Denning, Dr. Tremayne, Les Turn Back the Clock
Dennis, Sen. Wm. Homeier, Skip The Day the World Ended
Dimitri Ruscio, Al The City Beneath the Sea
Director Kosleck, Martin The Fear Makers
Director Kosleck, Martin The Fear-Makers
Diver Mann, Larry D. The Menfish
Dobbs, Francis J. Persoff, Nehemiah Deadly Creature Below
doctor Heffley, Wayne Deadly Creature Below
doctor Heffley, Wayne Monster from Outer Space
doctor Heffley, Wayne The Menfish
doctor Dyrenforth, Harold Time Bomb
Doctor Heffley, Wayne The Monster from Outer Space
Dunlap Culliton Patrick Terror
enemy general De Corsia, Ted The Human Computer
Evans Reindel, Carl Submarine Sunk Here
Falazir, Inspector Ruskin, Joseph The Magnus Beam
Falk, Bentley Adm. Cannon, J.D. The Condemned
Farrell Tata, Joey The Mist of Silence
Fenton, Maj. Gen Sanders, George The Traitor
Finch, Cmdr. Lauter, Harry Deadly Waters
Flight Director Hanson, Preston Monster from Outer Space
Flight Director Hanson, Preston The Monster from Outer Space
Forester Stevens, Warren The Saboteur
Foster McDonald, Michael The Invaders
Fowler Harkis, Steve Mutiny
Fraser, Ens. Wayne, Patrick Killers of the Deep
Fred Horton, Russel The Saboteur
French Capt. Genest, Emile The Buccaneer
Froehlich, Lt. Merlin, Jan Death from the Past
Frost Man 2 Robotham, George Flaming Ice
Frostman Babick, Frank Flaming Ice
Fuente, Pres. Colmans, Edward The Mist of Silence
Galdez, Ricardo Rey, Alejandro The Mist of Silence
Gamal, Gen. Throne, Malachi The Magnus Beam
Gamma, Dr. Marcuse, Theodore Eleven Days to Zero
Gantt, Mark Richman, Peter Mark The Monster's Web
Garrity, Sam Stevens, Warren Deadly Invasion
Gartern Holland, Erik The Village of Guilt
Gelid Pate, Michael Flaming Ice
General Seymour, Dan The Price of Doom
General Air Force Ferguson, Frank The Sky is Falling
Georges Arvan, Jan Long Live the King
Gondolier Tiles, Ken Escape from Venice
Gounaris, Melina Cristal, Linda The City Beneath the Sea
Grafton, Noah Delevanti, Cyril The Left-Handed Man
Gronski Sloane, Everett Hot Line
guard Culliton Patrick The Deadly Amphibians
Guard Culliton, Pat No Way Out
Guard Mars, Bruce The Abominable Snowman
Guard Dynarkski, Eugen The Buccaneer
Gundi Bundy, Brooke The Cyborg
Haines, Gen. Fox, Michael Deadly Invasion
Halden Freed, Bert The Saboteur
Halden Freed, Bert The Silent Saboteurs
Halder, Adm. Carmel, Roger C. The Machines Strikes Back
Hale, Lola D'Hondt, Danica Escape from Venice
Hamid, Col. Pate, Michael The Traitor
Hansen King, Walter Woolf The Peacemaker
Hansjurg Lundin, Victor The Menfish
Harker Ryder, Eddie Submarine Sunk Here
Hartman, Betty Stevenson, Margot Escape from Venice
Hassler, Otto Richards, Frank The Village of Guilt
Hawkins, Joe Comi, Paul Deadly Creature Below
Helmsman Pane, Robert Cradle of the Deep
Helmsman Pane, Robert Jonah and the Whale
Helmsman McFadde, Scott The Edge of Doom
Helmsman Lipton, Robert The Enemies
Henderson Merlin, Jan The X Factor
Hendrix Richman, Peter Mark Secret of the Loch
Hendrix, John Richman, Peter Mark Secret of the Deep
Hill McCready, Ed And Five of us are Left
Hobson, Gen. Bochner, Lloyd The Deadliest Game
Hoff Moore, Alvy The Condemned
Holden, Dr. Alex Hagen, Kevin The Shape of Doom
Hollis, Dr. Aidman, Charles Werewolf
Hotel Employee Zastupnevich, Paul The City Beneath the Sea
Howard, Adm. Brubaker, Robert Dead Men's Doubloons
Igor Keymas, George The Buccaneer
Jackson Brown, Lew Mutiny
James, Phillip Prentiss, Ed The Fear Makers
Jamison, Commander Attenbury, Malcom Hail to the Chief
Janus, Dr.Wesley Anderson, John Cradle of the Deep
Jenkins, Dr. Homeier, Skip The Amphibians
Jensen Cassel, Seymour The Mechanical Man
Johnson Taylor, Kent And Five of us are Left
Johnson Adams, Peter Long Live the King
Johnson Jenson, Roy The Menfish
Johnson, Adm. Gallaudet, John The Machines Strikes Back
Johnson, Adm. Wm. Zaremba, John Time Bomb
Jones, Chief Curley Kulky, Henry Regular Character
Josip Sheiner, David The Exile
Julietta Lawrence, Delphi Escape from Venice
Junk Capt Kolima, Lee The Peacemaker
Jurgeson Carson, Robert Deadly Cloud
Katie Flannery, Susan Time Bomb
Keeler Lopez, Perry Savage Jungle
Kelly Gilbert, Ashley Deadly Invasion
Kemp, Jason Adams, Nick Turn Back the Clock
Kenner, Dr. Arthur Bergen, Edgar The Fear Makers
Kimberley Remsen, Bert The Machines Strikes Back
King, Dr. Bettger, Lyle The Creature (1)
Klaus, Eric Triesault, Ivan The Death Ship
Komal Hagen, Kevin Attack
Konstantine, Dr. Davis, Harry The Exile
Koslow, Anton Wyenn, Than No Way Out
Kowalski Monroe, Delbert Regular Character
Kowalski, Stan Gordon, Don Deadly Waters
Kranz, Dr. Lewis, David Hail to the Chief
Krueger, Capt. Gerhard Ryder, Alfred The Phantom Strikes
Krueger, Capt. Gerhard Ryder, Alfred Return of the Phantom
Kruger Gallo, Lew Deadly Waters
Lago, Col. D'Arcy, Alex The Silent Saboteurs
Land, Dr. Space, Arthur Destroy Seaview
Lang, Everett Cassavetes, John The Peacemaker
Lang's Accomplice Young, George The Peacemaker
Lani Marcus, Vitina Return of the Phantom
Lars Gaynor, Jock Doomsday Island
Larson, Sven Knight, Don The Heat Monster
Lascoe, Col. Beregi, Jr. Oscar No Way Out
Lasher Crane, Fred The Left-Handed Man
Lawrence, Richard Cmdr. Newton, John Killers of the Deep
leader Catron, Jerry Destroy Seaview
left-handed man Dierkop, Charles The Left-Handed Man
Lester, Inspector Mattlngly, Hedley Secret of the Loch
Lichka Balin, Ina Time Bomb
Lindsay Hill, Arthur Monster from the Inferno
Lineman Elliot, Biff The Blizzard Makers
Liscomb, Dr. Tyne, George The X Factor
lobster-man Lundin, Victor The Lobster Man
Logan Atwater, G.Barry The Buccaneer
Lyle, Miss Julie Ireland, Jill The Price of Doom
Magistrate Higgins, Joe Secret of the Loch
Malinoff, Gregory Ansara, Michael Hot Line
Malone Slade, Mark Eleven Days to Zero
Malone Slade, Mark The Fear Makers
Malone Lamber, Doug The Mist of Silence
Malone Slade, Mark Turn Back the Clock
Mallory Robinson, Chris The Death Clock
Man Baxter, Alan The Death Ship
Man Millard, Harry The Human Computer
Manolo Frawley, James Killers of the Deep
Maria Marcus, Vitina Return of the Phantom
Markhova, Katya Scala, Gia Jonah and the Whale
Mason, Dr. Randolph Gaynor, Jock Man of Many Faces
Mattson Clifford, Ch Carlson, Richard The Village of Guilt
Mattson, Sigrid Ana-Lisa The Village of Guilt
McDougall, Prof. Allistair Thatcher, Torin Secret of the Loch
McHenry, Cmdr. Marth, Rank The Sky's on Fire
Meger, Col. Pate, Michael Long Live the King
Melton, Dr. Charles Selzer, Milton The Blizzard Makers
Mermaid Webber, Diane The Mermaid
Mickey Burke, Walter The Terrible Leprechaun
Michaels. Gen. Reed Cornthwaite, Robert The Deadliest Game
Miklos De Santis, Joe The Last Battle
Monique Kovacks, Nancy Hail to the Chief
Morgan Platt, Edward C. Hail to the Chief
Morton, Lt. Cmdr. Chip Dowdell, Robert Regular Character
Mrs. Melton Mathews, Sheila The Blizzard Makers
Mrs. Pennell Priest, Pat The Price of Doom
Multiple, Prof. Price, Vincent The Deadly Dolls
Murdock Payne, Robert The Fear Makers
Nakamura Shimada, Teru And Five of us are Left
Native Girl Marcus, Vitina Turn Back the Clock
Naval commander Torey, Han The Monster from Outer Space
Naval Doctor Patten, Robert Turn Back the Clock
Nelson, Adm. Harriman Basehart, Richard Regular Character
Nelson, Edith Flannery, Susan The Traitor
O'Brian Lewis, Derrick Cradle of the Deep
O'Brian Gilbert, Gordon Eleven Days to Zero
O'Brian Gilbert, Gordon The Village of Guilt
Officer Pataki, Michael The Exile
Old John O'Connor, Carroll Long Live the King
Old Man Bushman, Francis The Terrible Toys
Omir Darren, James The Mechanical Man
Page Arnold, Bradd Man of Many Faces
Parish, Dr. Lydia Dalton, Audrey The Deadliest Game
Park. Adm. Merill, Gary The Menfish
Parker Webb, Richard No Way Out
Patrick Burke, Walter The Terrible Leprechaun
Patterson Trinka, Paul Regular Character
Paul O'Connell, Arthur The Mechanical Man
Pem, Mr. Jones, Henry A Time to Die
Pem, Mr. Jones, Henry No Way Back
Penfield, George W. Toomey, Regis The Left-Handed Man
Penfield, Tippy Bouchet, Barbara The Left-handed Man
Pennel Ihnat, Steve The Price of Doom
Pennell, Mrs. Priest, Pat The Price of Doom
Peters Davis, Brent Deadly Invasion
Phillips, Cmdr. John Hudson, William Eleven Days to Zero
Pirate Swimmer, Bob Dead Men's Doubloons
Policeman Kino, Lloyd The Peacemaker
Policeman Kowal, Jon Time Bomb
Premier Ishimoto, Dale The Peacemaker
pres. aide Doohan, James Hot Line
President Rainey, Ford Doomsday
President Rainey, Ford Hail to the Chief
President Rainey, Ford Hot Line
President Simon, Robert F. The Deadliest Game
Proprietor Meyer, Torben The Village of Guilt
Proto Matheson, Don The Deadly Amphibians
Radar Culliton, Pat Doomsday
Radar Zastupnevich, Paul Eleven Days to Zero
Radar Stevens, William The Creature (1)
Ravec, Anna De Metz, Danielle No Way Out
Rayburn Cadis, Dusty The Abominable Snowman
Reinhardt, Dr. Gustav Lummis, Dayton The Last Battle
Reisner, Dr. Karl Opatoshu, David The Price of Doom
reporter Culver, Howard Man of Many Faces
reporter Colasanto, Nick The Cyborg
Reston Scott, Simon The Human Computer
Rettig, Laura Lindfords, Viveca Hail to the Chief
Richards Catron, Jerry The Fossil Men
Richardson, Frank Skerrit, Tom The Enemies
Riley, Stu Hunt, Allan Regular Character
Robek Homeier, Skip Attack
Rossi, Luana Lemaire, Monique The Magnus Beam
Round Face Alderson, John The City Beneath the Sea
Rourke Connelly, Ed The Death Ship
Ruiz, Capt. Thomas Ansara, Michael Killers of the Deep
Russian Chairman Banner, John Hot Line
Ryan, Lt. Pine, Phillip And Five of us are Left
S.A.C. General Carson, Robert Hot Line
Saebastian Jaffe, Allen Dead Men's Doubloons
Sailor Kamber, Stan Dead Men's Doubloons
Sailor Schneider, Stanley The Cyborg
Scientist Zaima, George The Peacemaker
Scientist Assistant Zastupnevich, Paul Turn Back the Clock
Schroder, Alfred Col. Van-Dreelen, John The Last Battle
Selby, Dr. Zaremba, John Eleven Days to Zero
Semenov Frawley, James The Exile
Serra, Captain Delgado, Henry The Mist of Silence
shadowman Catron, Jerry The Shadowman
Sharkey, Chief Francis E. Becker, Terry Regular Character
Shinera, Dr. Throne, Malachi The Enemies
Shire, Capt. George Hudson, William The X Factor
Simmons, Karyl Moses, Marian Graveyard of Fear
Sloane, Kara Steele, Karen Leviathan
Soldier Millar, Lee Time Bomb
Sonar Trikonis, Gus Killers of the Deep
Sonar Morgan, Sean The Monster's Web
Sonar man Mitchell, Dallas Killers of the Deep
Sonar man Chilton, Pat The Enemies
Space Center Technician Delano, Lee The Monster from Outer Space
spaceman Di Reda, Joseph The Sky is Falling
Spaceman DiReda, Joseph The Sky is Falling
Spanish Major Alzamora, Armand The Mist of Silence
Sparks Whitting, Arch Regular Character
Spencer Brolin, James The Saboteur
Sprague Jones, Henry Night of Terror
Staglione Ct. Ferdie Cesana, Renzo Escape from Venice
Starke, Adm. Jiggs Stone, Harold J. Mutiny
Sterling, Dr. Anthony Sullivan, Liam Leviathan
Stevens Posner, Phil The Silent Saboteurs
Stewardess Williams, Sandra The Last Battle
Stewart, Tracy Perry, Elizabeth The Death Ship
Stroller, Adm. Judson Gallo, Lew The Death Ship
Surgeon McDonald, Kenneth The Blizzard Makers
Sweetney, Patricia 'Tish' Hsuh, Nancy The Cyborg
Tai Gilden, Richard Time Bomb
Tau, Gen. Silva, Henry The Enemies
Taylor, Dr. Palmer, Tom Hail to the Chief
technician Delano, Lee Monster from Outer Space
Technician Brand, Anthony The X Factor
technician 1 Curtis, Tom The Cyborg
Templeton, Dr. Frank Davis, Harry The Death Ship
The gorilla Prohaszka, Janos Fatal Cargo
The puppeteer Martin, Ronald P. The Deadly Dolls
Thomson, Dr. O'Flynn, Damian Terror
Tobin Doohan, James Hail to the Chief
Tobin, Adm. Walter McGraw, Charles The Sky is Falling
Tomas, Alejandro Solari, Rudy The Last Battle
Tracy Goddard, John The Condemned
Trober, Verna Ruggieri, Fran‡oise The Machines Strikes Back
Tung, Li Loo, Richard Time Bomb
Turner, Dr. Jory, Victor Fires of Death
Ulrich, Dr. Tabor Buono, Victor The Cyborg
Ullman, Dr. Freed, Bert The Saboteur
Vadim Mohr, Gerald The Lost Bomb
Vail, Victor Merlin, Jan No Way Out
Van-Druten Linder, Cec The Mechanical Man
Van-Wyck,Lt. Cmdr. Peter Stevens, Warren Cave of the Death
Vendor Riordan, Robert The Mechanical Man
Voice Mills, Jim The Terrible Toys
VonNeuberg, Adm. Van-Dreelen, John Death from the Past
Waiter Zastupnevich, Paul The Traitor
Weber, Dr. August Stewart, David J. The Sky's on Fire
Wells, Brainbridge Marlowe, Hugh Thing from Inner Space
Wesley, Phillip Milford, John The Price of Doom
Wesley, Phillips Milford, John Price of Doom
Wilson Anderson, James And Five of us are Left
Wilson Mathews, Eric Journey with Fear
Wilson Wilbanks, Don No Way Out
Wilson, Ben Smithers, William The Plant Man
Wilson, Dr. Fred Albert, Eddie Eleven Days to Zero
Wilson, John Smithers, William The Plant Man
Williams, Jim Capt Sampson, Robert The Enemies
Winslow Conway, Kurt The Amphibians
Winters, Ava Vincent, June The Death Ship
Witt, Dr. Bank, Douglas Werewolf
Worden, Frank Doyle, Robert And Five of us are Left
Wren, Capt. Jacob Dillon, Brendan The Fossil Men
Xanthos Broco, Peter The City Beneath the Sea
Xantos Brocco, Peter The City Beneath the Sea
Yin, Su Tsu, Irene The Peacemaker
Yutang, Moana Seurat, Pilar The Silent Saboteurs
Zane Keymas, George The Lost Bomb
Zar Duvall, Robert The Invaders
Zeigler Cornthwaite, Robert Turn Back the Clock
Zeraff Hatfield, Hurd The City Beneath the Sea
Zeraff Hatfield, Hurd The City Beneath the Sea

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