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"Everything you need to know is on the Internet. You just can't find it." -Anonymous

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  • E-Mail
    "Accessing The Internet By E-Mail - Doctor Bob's Guide to Offline Internet Access"
    To get the latest edition, send e-mail to:
    Enter only this line in the BODY of the note:
    send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/access-via-email

    The files in the 4U Series by Bob Appleton include EMAIL4U, GETIT4U, PIX4U, and FUN4U. They show in detail how to use e-mail to retrieve files, programs and documents from FTP, WWW sites, etc. To get these free files, send an e-mail to with these lines in the body of the message:


    Internet Training Course for Beginners, owner,
    To Subscribe, send email to:
    With the following line in the body of the message: subscribe mjrb-training

    Reference.COM has begun archiving MJRB-TRAINING as of: Jan. 30, 1997
    Information and searchable archives for the list are available at:

    The Internet Tourbus
    TOURBUS is a virtual tour of the best of the Internet, delivered by e-mail to over 80,000 people in 120 countries. To subscribe, send e-mail to:
    with the command

    Roadmap 96
    Patrick Crispen's Internet Roadmap workshop lessons, a six week e-mail course on the Internet, are achived at this site.

    This mailing list is a public forum that is offered without charge to all Internet new users ("newbies") and to others who have a genuine interest in helping ... NEWBIES turn themselves into KNOWBIES !
    To subscribe to NewbieNewz, send e-mail to:
    Leave the "Subject:" line blank, or type any text on it (it's ignored).
    In the body of your e-mail message, type in a subscribing message exactly as shown below:
    subscribe newbienewz

    Best of the Web Discussion List
    To subscribe, send e-mail to:
    In the body of your e-mail message, type SUB BESTWEB yourfirstname yourlastname

    Mercury Mail E-Mail Services
    News, weathwer, snow, stocks, sports, entertainment, and reminder E-Mail services. To subscribe or modify your subscription, update your profile at

    Everything E-Mail
    Mailing List Discussion Groups, Starting a Mailing List, Finding E-Mail Addresses, Autoresponder (info@) Services, International Resources, E-Mail Services for Businesses, News By E-Mail, E-Mail Software, E-Mail Alias (redirection) Services, Unsolicited E-Mail Issues.

    Spectrum University
    verify your enrollment status and class schedule
    To browse our calendar and/or enroll for free classes or e-mail
    To request a User ID# (if you don't already have one)
    To subscribe to this newsletter and obtain future calendars or e-mail
    To sign off this list and drop all classes

    To reach a "live" person by e-mail:

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  • Education
    HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites - USA - 1994 - Gleason Sackman

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  • Help Desk
    2000 Windows Tips and Tricks [Frames]
    Windows Magazine offers a browsable and searchable array of Windows tips on topics from installation and de-installation to memory management to various software products and networking. The tips, which are arranged in a long list down the left side of the page, are concise and helpful, and are a good place for those who want aid with this operating system to start.
    Version Tracker
    Listing current versions of Mac & PC software titles with hourly page updates. Links go to the update file or the information page if no update is available. Use your browser's FIND option (command F) for keyword search. Select "Wrap Search" in Netscape's find option for best results.

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  • Libraries
    Internet Roadmap to Books
    Lis 4060-Kids and the Web
    Helpful links for school librarians and teachers.
    Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
    This bibliography presents selected articles, books, electronic documents, and other sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet and other networks.
    Wair's Lair
    Donna Wair's library links.
    Your source for information on books about the Internet
    Que's Digital Bookshelf - Computer Books Online
    The most complete online books on the web.
    Macmillan Publishing USA
    Welcome to Macmillan Publishing USA, home of the world's largest computer book publisher.
    This site includes RCLS Internet Guides, Desk References, Search Tools, and all the resources you'd expect when you visit your local library.

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  • Mailing Lists
    Maxthink Search
    Facetted Thesaurus Index to Newsgroups
    Listserv Reference
    LISTSERV List Reference
    Searchable Directory of E-mail Mailing Lists
    Search for Interest Groups
    Interest Groups Finder - Newsgroups and mailing lists
    Vivian Neou's Searchable Interest Groups
    Search the List of Lists
    Tile Net
    Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
    Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists (PAML)
    Stephanie de Silva's list
    Directory of Schorlarly and Professional E-Conferences
    Diane Kovac's list
    Listserv Mailing Lists and Usenet Groups
    Bob and Varda Novick
    E-Mail Discussion Groups/Lists - Resources

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  • News
    CNET Desk Top News
    Desk Top News puts NEWS.COM's most recent 20 headlines on your desktop. Click on any headline to see the news story in your main browser window.
    PR Newswire
    Users of the site may choose to view the day's 100 most recent stories, search by keyword, or browse by industry type, company name, ticker symbol, or state. Of particular interest to Internauts is the "Industry Focus: Technology" page (available from the list in the left frame of the browser screen): there users can view the day's technology news categorized by subject: computers, telecommunications, or multimedia. A cyberspace daybook lists live events on the net.
    Receive clear, concise, and UNBIASED news summaries delivered via e-mail every weekday morning.
    Get your FREE subscription by sending e-mail to: with the subject SUBSCRIBE.

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  • Plug Ins
    Progressive Networks, The Home of RealAudio

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  • References
    Research-It! - Your one-stop reference desk
    Dictionary, thesaurus, acronym, translators, conjugators, other, people, religion, quotations, maps, facts, telephone, currency, stock quotes, postal, Email discussion groups.
    Reference.COM makes it easy to find, browse, search, and participate in more than 150,000 newsgroups, mailing lists, and web forums.
    USA Counties 1996--Oregon State University Government Information Sharing Project
    OSU Government Information Sharing Project
    Oregon State's well known Government Information Sharing Project has recently added the US Census Bureau's USA Counties 1996 database to its arsenal of interactive demographic, economic, and educational databases. USA Counties 1996 allows the user to choose from nearly 3,500 variables in 26 major subject categories from age to health to wholesale trade.
    The Argus Clearinghouse and Internet Searcing Center
    The Argus Clearinghouse provides a central access point for value-added topical guides which identify, describe, and evaluate Internet-based information resources.
    The living encyclopedia from cyberspace.
    Web quick reference, selective directory of premier web sites.
    InfoSpace-The Ultimate Directory
    InfoSpace has completely integrated white pages and yellow pages so that users can easily find people, businesses, government officials, toll-free numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, in-depth business information, company web sites and local city information including weather, traffic, rental apartments together with maps and door-to-door directions.

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  • Resources
    Registration Services: domain name registration and IP network number assignment Directory and Database Services: white pages and publicly accessible databases Information and Education Services: tools and resources for the Internet community Net Scout Services: presenting the Scout Report (see next) and Net-happenings publications
    The Scout Report (text version)
    The Scout Report is a weekly publication offering a selection of new and newly discovered Internet resources of interest to researchers and educators, the InterNIC's primary audience. However, everyone is welcome to subscribe to one of the mailing lists (plain text or HTML). For information on subscribing to the Scout Report, send email to:> In the body of the message type: info scout-report
    CIAC Internet Hoaxes
    The Internet is constantly being flooded with information about computer viruses and Trojans. However, interspersed among real virus notices are computer virus hoaxes. While these hoaxes do not infect systems, they are still time consuming and costly to handle. At CIAC, we find that we are spending much more time de-bunking hoaxes than handling real virus incidents. This page describes many of the hoax warnings that are found on the Internet today.
    Computer Viruses Myth Home Page
    World Wide Web FAQ
    World Wide Web Frequently Asked Questions
    Newsgroups FAQ
    FAQs by Category, FAQs by Newsgroup, Search FAQ archive.
    The source for Internet Newsgroups.
    Searches: The Web: Yahoo!, Lycos' A2Z, Excite Guide, World Wide Web Worm, WWW Yellow Pages , What U Seek, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, OpenText, AltaVista, Excite & HotBot. Usenet: Hotbot News,, Dejanews, Excite News, Infoseek News, Altavista and Dejanews' old Database. FTP: Filez, FTP Search and Snoopie!.(Only the first word in your query will be passed on to these search engines.).
    NewBot searches continuously and automatically for the topics you specify, reporting back every few hours to tell you what it finds (and putting a small icon on your desktop to alert you). NewBot requires: Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 using ActiveX technology.
    The Net as Community, The Net as Resource, The Net as Platform.
    Internet Glossary
    Click on a term to read a definition.
    Snap Guides
    All the info you need to get everything done online.
    The URL-minder keeps track of Web pages and other resources on the World Wide Web, and sends you e-mail whenever your personally registered resources change. You can have the URL-minder keep track of any Web resource accessible via HTTP, FTP, or GOPHER, anything you like.
    The e-minder will send you automated e-mail messages to remind you of dates or other important occasions, customized for your own personal needs. This service is offered for free to WWW users and Internet users with e-mail.
    This totally free service allows web sites with similar interest to form "rings" of sites, allowing netizens a fast and efficient way to find content and a great way for sites to build traffic and gain exposure.

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  • URLs (alphabetical order)
    The Best of the Web
    Bill's Collection of Web Awards
    Doctor HTML
    FREE URL submission service
    Needle in a CyberStack - the InfoFinder
    random joke (1) or (2) or (3)
    Rec.humor.funny Home Page
    Urban Legends Reference Pages
    Webcrawler SearchTicker

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