Stop racism and fascism
Former SRC President hounded by far right group

The Citizen's Electoral Council (CEC), a far right extremist organisation, has succeeded in laying trumped up charges of assault and theft against Nigel Peacock, the 1997 President of the La Trobe University SRC.

Over 1997, the SRC was heavily involved in a range of anti racist and anti fascist campaigns, including the National Action bookshop in Fawkner and Pauline Hanson's One Nation outfit. In retaliation, the SRC was a constant target of racists and far right organisations, with the SRC receiving an almost daily stream of abusive phone calls, had its offices vandalised and even received a death threat.

The CEC made a concerted effort to build a base at La Trobe last year. Despite the fact that the University has policy opposing racism and barring fascist organisations such as National Actions, the CEC were not open about their politics and gained access to campus.

The eventual laying of charges against the former SRC President is a direct consequence of the organisation's attempt to establish a base at La Trobe and subsequent political conflict with the SRC. The SRC took up a position that people who incite hatred against Jews, blacks, gays and other members of the community (ie. the CEC) should not be welcome here. The CEC has made a target of the former President because of the SRC's anti racist and anti fascist politics - the criminal charges have far more to do with launching an assault on progressive left wing student activists than any alleged incident. The charges are serious and, if found guilty, may result in a jail sentence.

Nigel has been involved in student activism over the past three years, campaigning on issues such as tertiary fees and funding cuts, voluntary student unionism and a host of other issues. Nigel is now fighting to refute the CEC's allegations and a defence campaign has been launched. His case will go to Heidelberg Magistrates Court on July 30, 1998.

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