Our strategies

Campaign Against the Nazis has been fighting Nation Action for almost twelve months. In that time we have organized a range of activities centred around our aim of closing down National Action's Fawkner shop and National Action as an organization.

National Action have shops in Fawkner, Victoria and Salisbury, South Australia. We have put a lot of pressure on National Action here, in order to prevent them from organizing in public. Over the time CAN has been in existence there has been a dramatic decrease in National Action propaganda appearing around Melbourne. Unfortunately in South Australia, National Action have not been the target of sustained organized action. This has led to left press sellers being bashed, bookstalls destroyed and the harassment of Aboriginal and Asian youth. These attacks happen in broad daylight in the centre of Adelaide.

In Melbourne, National Action no longer have the confidence to hold rallies or marches. This is because over many years Melbourne anti fascists have been restricting National Action, through Campaign Against the Nazis, Brunswick Against the Nazis in 1994, and through the Northcote Actions Against Fascists before that. From the beginning CAN has pursued a strategy of mass action. This has been an attempt to build the broadest possible front against National Action, including trade unions and community groups. Our rallies have been militant and vocal actions aimed at confronting National Action and expressing solidarity with those groups targetted for nazi hatred and violence.

CAN does not believe in the use of terrorist style tactics against National Action. National Action are a political problem which requires a political solution. Individual actions risk alienating local communities and add to the already high levels of fear felt in Fawkner and Salisbury, whereas organised mass actions empower and involve these communities.

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