ALL GONE: National Action's former Melbourne HQ

The Fawkner community and anti fascist activists throughout Melboune have successfully defeated the neo-fascist outfit National Action (NA). After fourteen months of pressure applied to NA’s fascist recruitment centre and bookstore in Fawkner, National Action left town - closing up shop last week without even paying rent.

Campaign Against the Nazis (CAN) - an ongoing anti-fascist united front of individuals, leftists, trade unionists and community activists - succeeded in restricting NA’s racist propaganda filth and their violent street activities. This was done through a combination of well planned and organized rallies, anti-fascist graffiti runs, postering, leafetting, public meetings, concerts and the distribution of over 12,000 anti fascist broadsheets.

Rather than a policy of ignore them and they’ll go away, CAN adopted a militant campaign of confronting fascism wherever it reared its ugly, divisive head.

Anti-fascists in Melbourne have had a highly successful record of defeating NA in the past. In 1993 the Anti-Fascist Alliance drove NA from Northcote streets following racist taunts and attacks against immigrants. In 1994 Brunswick Against the Nazis led a decisive defeat of NA in Brunswick, driving them off Brunswick streets under a hail of horse dung and militant chants, culminating in chasing them from Brunswick Town Hall under police escort.

The latest victory against NA is vindication of CAN’s strategy of militant confrontation. It also demonstrates the strength of the local Fawnker community who have had to live with this racist and chauvinistic sore for the last fourteen months. NA never gained the support of the local community, as they had planned.

CAN has sent a strong message to everyone in Melbourne that fascists can be driven off the streets. CAN has also made it known that racist and divisive organizations, from overtly violent, neo-fascist groups like NA, to fascists in suits like the CEC or the right wing racist populists like One Nation, will not be tolerated in Melbourne.

CAN will continue to fight fascism in all its forms - so long as they’re out there, we’re here to stay! As one of the chants from the Fawkner demonstrations said “Nazis Out!! Oi! Oi! Oi!

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