ANUMUKTI: A Journal Devoted to Non-Nuclear India

Started in 1987, Anumukti (Liberation from the Atom) is the leading anti-nuclear journal in India, perhaps all of South Asia. Since the beginning, Anumukti has been opposed to the nuclearization of India, either in the guise of producing energy or making weapons. Anumukti is published by the Sampoorna Kranti Vidyalaya (Institute for Total Revolution), a Gandhian institute that promotes non-violent social change.

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Some Articles from Anumukti

The First Editorial: Anumukti, August 1987
Shifting Targets for Nuclear Power generation: Talk at a Seminar in Delhi organized by Prayas and NAPM
Buddha is sick of smiling!: Editorial following India's nuclear tests
An overview of the Indian nuclear program: Report to the No Nukes Asia Forum 1997, held in the Phillipines

Contact Information

Editor Anumukti
Sampoorna Kranti Vidyalaya
Surat District
Pin: 394 641


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