Articles by Praful Bidwai against Nuclear Weapons in India

This page carries articles by Praful Bidwai, a prominent Indian journalist, against the nuclearization of India.

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Seeking at Paradigm Shift: Frontline, April 11-24, 1998
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty - India emerges CTBT spoiler: what next? :
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty : To Be or Not to Be:
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty - Nine Delusions Of The Anti-CTBT Indian Lobby :
Beggared by the Bomb: Dangerous Shift in Nuclear Doctrine : Times of India, April 21, 1998
A Very Political Bomb: with Achin Vanaik in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Clutching at Nuclear Straws: in Frontline, Dec. 5-18, 1998

Articles in this site

From Ambiguity to Abstinence: Towards Nuclear Disarmament in South Asia: Talk given at the INESAP meeting in Shanghai, September 1997
After the Talks: Grim State of Indo-Pak Ties

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