These are articles written by M. V. Ramana, a Physicist who works on nuclear disarmament and alternatives to nuclear energy.

Articles at this site

New Meanings for Old Words: article for Anumukti
The Indian Nuclear Bomb - Long in the Making: article for Precis

Articles on the internet

Book Review of George Perkovich, India's Nuclear Bomb: The Impact on Global Proliferation at Asia Europe Dialogue on alternative political strategies website
Do Nuclear Weapons Provide Security?: article for Seminar - at the South Asians Against Nukes web site
Bringing Prithvi Down to Earth: summary of paper for Science and Global Security - at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies Web site
Effects of a Nuclear Blast over Bombay: Medicine and Global Survival
Interview by Metta Spencer: Peace Magazine, Toronto
Introduction to Panel discussion on the CTBT: organized by Sangam, the Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia and Paksmit
Link to many more articles

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