Homeschooling   Central

Welcome to Homeschooling Central!  This is my attempt at an e-mail list.
I'm hoping that on this list, we will be able to discuss anything that
has to do with homeschooling, Christianity, and parenting in general.  
If nothing else, it's a list where we can sit back and make friends.

See you there.

I have now started a list for homeschooling kids.  The homeschooling list 
is for kids to relax and have a place to talk to each other about anything.
The list is moderated.  That means that I have to approve all letters that
go to the list before they are posted.  My own daughter is on this list.
I basically want them to have fun with this.  Although the list is moderated,
I want them to have a free discussion forum.

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Nori Benz

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