Why MIDIs?

Why MIDIs? Because I don't have any thing better to put on this godforsaken page. So stop complaining and listen to them. I think they are pretty good.


godfather: the theme from The Godfather
get smart: Theme From Get Smart
the cradle: the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon...
battlehm: The Battle Himm of the Republic
2001: Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey
mission: Theme from Mission Impossible
pulp: Theme from Pulp Fiction
pink panther: Theme from The Pink Panther
nortern exposure: Theme from Northern Exposure
macgyver: Theme from MacGuyver
la law : Theme from LA Law
galaxy train no.999: I dont know, but it sounds great.
civil war on pbs: Theme from The Civil War on PBS.
ds9: Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
cheers: Theme from Cheers
titanic: Theme from Titanic
scooby doo: scooby doobe doo!
law and order: Theme from Law and Order
ER: Theme from ER

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