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This site is the home of my original web site. Contents were strictly Christian orientated. I have moved the contents to a larger bandwidth site. I have deleted many other small sites but it seems I don't have the heart to delete the original home. It has been fairly empty for a few years. At times I think I would like to open it up again and start placing some content at this site.

So here it is almost two and a half years later. What is new? Nothing! I find managing my other site a large enough task. I haven't really done that much. The little I do is plenty. Yet as I wrote above... I still can't bring myself to close this page down. Silly? You bet! But that is the type of guy that I am. No matter how much I cut off the past I keep a lone finger on at least one thing. I am surprised that Tripod hasn't deleted my site. I guess they don't want to get rid of me either. So I'll keep this site and again, perhaps I will do something with it... someday. 17 Januray 09 ;)

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