old Ogden Dunes area photos

Grandin Blow-out, 1954 Grandin Blow-out, 1956
Looking west across the Grandin Blow-out from Aspen Road in October, 1954, and Spring, 1956. Visible are homes at 78 & 76 Ogden Road; 15, 23, 20, 9, 10, 5, 2, & 3 Cedar Court; and 1 The Ledge. Those are their current house numbers, not the ones at the time of the photos. Many Ogden Dunes homes, besides two in these snapshots, have changed their street addresses over the years.
These homes have been remodeled. Two of them have been replaced completely. But the most dramatic change which has occurred to Ogden Dunes is in landscaping. There used to be bare sand everywhere. Now there is bare sand nowhere. People today talk about vegetation they happen to like and even lawn grass as "natural." No, these photos show what the natural state of these dunes was.

A half-minute view of Bluck &/or Brady and __? helping Mr. Edwards get his boat up to what is now the site of Ashby's house, at the top of one of those classic Ogden Dunes driveways, half a century ago.

Mount Everest, 1956 Mount Everest, 1956
Looking west from the former Mount Everest (before it was greatly shortened and used to fill in Lake Longinus) in the Spring & Summer of 1956.

Memorial Day, 1962

Burns Ditch, 1980 Burns Ditch, 1980 Burns Ditch, 1980
Lefty's Coho Landing, south of the Dunes Highway, on the west side of Burns Ditch, in 1980. This is in Portage.
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