September 28th, 2001:
Disaster has struck, the PFP has been hit by a devastating blow: the regular server where the PFP was parked (nbci) didn't accept any more uploads since july 15th, so i had to move the entire site to a new location (topcities), and i deleted the old one as the new server seemed perfect and runned smoothly. now yesterday i received an email from someone telling me the link to training 7 was dead, so i went to check it out, horrified i noticed that the new server had deleted the new account, leaving the pfp without contents. i am currently sweeping the web to find a new adequate free server where i could post the site as a whole, until then, i have to ask you all to patient again while i have to find a new server that offers free unlimited space again so the site can live on. if anyone out there can sponsor or provide me with at least 100megs of webspace (even temporary), it would be very appreciated, as this is a total non profit project. again, i am terribly sorry for the inconveniance, but i'm working on it very hard for this is a nightmare come true for the belgian graffiti comunity.

yours in true faith,

oozyone - pfp

ps. i will try to find a temporary solution during the weekend, so keep checking from time to time, and cross your fingers (who knows it might help *shrug*)
September 11th, 2001:
Well, it's taken some time, but it's finally here: Training 7! About 64 new steels for your viewing pleasure. Not a lot to say, really; except big up to Next Level magazine for the fresh papermag (where's my pictures, guys? =P good luck with issue 2) and a small message to some of you out there: don't send me emails asking when the next update will be, SEND PICS instead, so i can update a little more regularly, instead of having to wait a year before i have enuff pictures to do an update - hehehe. See ya soon people, take care of eachother and let the paint flooooowWw! - ps. the links will be updated soon too.
November 4th, 2000:
Whaddaya say.. PARTY PARTY WE'RE BACK!!! ONLINE and KICKING!! it's been a week since the 4 Elementz Bounce graffiti jam in Genk/Limburg and a lot has been going on! I got my computers back! (those who saw me at the jam know about it hehe) everything intact, apparently only checked once ;) and the long awaited updates on them as well! there's a BOMB of new phlicks on the training side again: here's part 6 already, and there's been some international stuff in the 2nd pilgrims part as well.. I dont have a lot more to say, except a BIG UP to Obese and Derobe from the NHR crew, as well as to Flop: great magazine man, full support, -KWALITYSTREEEEEEEEET-! hehe also a MEGA BIG thanks to Nova from Jungle Tactics for the stay at his place - Come over anytime man!.. and to anyone leaving the jam taking a big portable radioset with them, please bring it back to the organizing dude, he misses it a lot =)

stay online y'all! PEACE! oOZy oNe - PFP
June 29th, 2000:
Hiya! I just popped in to put Gent part 5 and Oostende part 5 online: i promised some summer action, and here it is! go check 'em out and take yer time for it: theres about 65 new phlicks out there.. see ya!
June 25th, 2000:
After 3 years of long waiting, a lot of weighing, thinking and debating, it's finally hatched: Antown part 1. It's built up from a few pictures from the pilgrims section and some entries i got through email as well as a few pictures i still had lying around here. if you guys out there (yeah you) want to see more of your cities up here, start scanning those photos and mail them to me! remember: minimum 350 pixels high (or scanned in 200 or 300 dpi will do fine too) thanks! i also did a full reboot on my home pc a few weeks ago and was able to start scanning all the delayed pictures lying across the place here and there an i found about 50 to a hundred new things here; expect them online soon! peace, i'm out!
March 30th, 2000:
trainin' part 5, no wordz, juss action; NHR Crew's been active and are here to show it off, thankx for the pix people! heh, doesn't anybody do walls anymore?? ;) see ya in a month or so, SEND more FLIXX everybody!!
February 13th, 2000:
happy newyear everybody, i'm a bit late on the wishes and the updates, but with tchilping birds and dancing bells in my vision i give you trainin' part 4, partly coming from some old archives and partly from some millenniumcrazed actionz.. enjoy!
September 16th, 1999:
greetings and salutations followers! its a small but harcore packed update this month: the DHL crew went to do some heavy kroeling across the border in france; and the NHR crew had a steely summertime representing fever here in belgium.. 26 new steelz to be seen in training 3.. enjoy and respect!! heh, there's even a balloon in there this time!
August 14th, 1999:
hyeeh, big boombaklaad time! it's been a busy summer up to now, there's been festivals here, feesten there, party everywhere and the action doesn't stop till the temperatures drop.. a double update this time: training 2 and gent 4; again, theres some older pieces included, but they're unreleased fresh shit! enjoy the eye massage after that eclips a few days ago.. =)
July 8th, 1999:
its mario bros time! we are now officially pased the mental nostradamus destruction date of july 4th and the world hasnt done da big boom yet, hehehe.. let us therefor rejoice in the fact that he had also predicted that this summer will be one of the hottest of the century with 42 degreez in central europe round july/august so theres gonna be a lot of spiced action to be seen in the next few months.. heres a summer update for oostende, township by the sea.. There's plenty of space left in the vielodroom hall of fame there, so if yer coming to the beach, make sure to bring some spraycans along =)) happy summertime!
June 3rd, 1999:
it's five thirty something passed in the morning and i can see the next day already peeping up.. the night was fruitful and has given birth to a new update: namely brussels, our capitol; it needed an update one of these days so when i was there last week, is shot a few rolls and here they are.. 39 fresh pictures.. lataz peoples. . ..zZz.. .
April 30th, 1999:
it's the 16th update so far, and it's gonna be a small one.. a david vs goliath war is going on in yougoslavia, with goliath dropping the bombs on david this time.. 'who's the biggest evil then', one starts asking himself.. but lets not start about those bombs over there, lets talk about some BOMBZ over here. =) Oostende needed an update since a while, so i constructed Part 3 for the masses; there's both brand new and bloody old shit in there: the archive has to grow and ANY unpublished piece is as welcome as the freshest of the fresh, so start sending people.. ;) i've also added a few pieces from antwerpen, they're in the pilgrims section, hope i got the names right peoples! =) 'nuff sed, see ya later!
March 28th, 1999:
It's sunday, nothing to do, the hour just shifted to summertime so it's time to do a small update: the pilgrims section has been filled up a bit more with some phlicks from chase/buk-crue who's down in LA and some gent action in france =) Lataz!
March 4th, 1999:
28 Days have passed and it's time for an update again: Gent part 3. 67 new Phlicks ;) See y'all in a month..
February 4th, 1999:
Yo peoples.. I have been thinking about it for a while, and here it is: the new main menu.. I have received a mail from tripod to say all users of their pages will have to do an update every 30 days or the page will be deleted.. wack slavedrivin' shit.. So expect some new phlicks soon.. Cheers!
November 17th, 1998:
HOUWEEUUH! Another day, another section: the TRAINing Zone! All Steelz represented from all over Belchicka.. Hef Phun, the next update will be done in the next few months.. Lataz!
November 1st, 1998:
YOWZ! Here's the pictures for the G&F Jam, October 24th 1998, in Ostend.. So much work and so little time..
October 26th, 1998:
Greetings Believers.. The 'Groensels & Frut Graffitijam' in Ostend was on yesterday and i'm wrecked as fok.. The entire belgian writers clan was there and some very, very dope pieces have been delivered.. Rest assured, an update on that will be done soon! Heh. When the body rests, the mind goes racing; so here's a fresh update for Oostende, one for Brugge and one for the Elsewhere part.. happy downloadz! ;)..
August 4th, 1998:
Yoyoyo! Well, after half a year full o'troubles, it's finally here: a New Update! There's a new Hall Of Fame in Belgium, and it's called 'Den Arbed', an abandoned factory, which consists of a new section and an older section, which will be put online soon.. Watch out, the loading of this page is VERY graphic extensive so it could take a while before you get to see all the pieces! =)) Heh. There's some bad news too, just for mentioning, the Rubberduck Euro site is offline, so dont forget to update your bookies to the Tripod site.. Also big up to DHL, BCP, VET krew and all the mailers who havent replied yet ;) See ya soon!
January 26th, 1998:
KhartaBlancka, one word, one party! The jam that set history in Brugge just finished, Word up to all the bros who were there, it was def, it was dope, now go see the pictures.. =) Also added 2 new phlicks in Brugge..
December 22nd, 1997:
Added 50 new phlicks from DHL and ABT, there's some fresh steel in DHL Part 2 and ABT Part 2.. ABT in barcelona, the Barna files.. Word Up dOOdz!
December 19th, 1997:
Had to relocate the site, Geocities wasn't too keen on that Brussel update, heh.. So dont forget to re-bookmark this page then, thankx. Peace, lataz, and happy upcoming holidays..
December 15th, 1997:
In the last few months, quite a lot of people have been asking to add some pictures from the capital. I thought 'what the hell..', opened up my archives and rediscovered a lot of 'golden oldies' as i scanned along.. Check out the Belgian Trueskool: part 1, part 2 and part3.. And while we're at it, there's some updates in Brugge and the other cities too.. 96 extra phlicks for the masses. Also added a few links to other linked sites, hehe. =)
November 13th, 1997:
Just popped in to post 6 quick phonkie Brugge phlicks.. Keep sendin them mails dudes; 'appreciating them big time! =))
October 19th, 1997:
Big Brugge update, as well as Gent - DHL, Gent - ABT and Oostende City.. 27 fresh flicks in total..
September 27th, 1997:
Added 40 new pictures all over the site.. Brugge update, as well as Oostende and Gent. Respect!
July 19th, 1997:
Check out ABT!
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