January 22, 1999


Following Erika's own birthday on the 20th (right), Father Greg took Mother Erika to Lancaster General Hospital around one o'clock p.m. on January 22, 1999., after putting Paul Bernard on his schoolbus.
Opa picked up PaulB from school at 15:15, got a phone-call from Oma Mercia that she was going to visit Erika after work around 6 p.m., so that "the men" were on their own.
Paul and Opa went to bed at nine, had to watch the Ninja Movie for the 256th time, and...

just when they had both fallen asleep came the happy call! So they rushed to get dressed and drove through the fog. They got to the Hospital by 10 p.m., where Father Greg already waited for them in the maternity ward lobby with a happy smile ;o]

... and After:

What a wonderful sight! Erika looked marvelous, as if she'd just been on a picnic. The baby was still a bit purplish, weighed in at 7 lbs and 14 ozs (or was it 7.14 lbs....why don't they go metric??), and already knew how to smile. The two grandmothers were there and were , of course, very proud, as was father Greg who had already taken many pictures. You can see them yourself on this page.

BLO fecit 23 I 99

left: Grandma Sandy
right: Oma Mercia
center: Grandparents Pete and Kit

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