Paul Billeter

Professor of Biology

Charles County Community College, MD

Paul and I met first in summer, 1990,
at an N.S.F. Summer Workshop on Oceanography for College Professors held in San Diego, CA.

The gang in front of the R.V. "SPROUL"
together with our intrepid leader,
Shannon O'Dunn

We then went on some weekend fieldtrips with my students to
Wallops Island, VA

In January, 1992, we conducted a Coastal Studies fieldcourse in Trinidad and Tobago.
(above): Paul inspecting the catch of a fisherman in Charlottesville, Tobago.

I assisted Paul in his summer 1992 Marine Biology Field Course for High School Teachers at HUML, Jamaica.
This attractive marine station was established by Dr. Eugene Kaplan of Hofstra University, and Paul had helped to build it.

In 1993, we took an intensive tour of Holland.
(above): Paul with my cousin Nan, her son Phil and daughter Ben

(above): Paul at the monument of another famous biologist:
Linnaeus, at the old University in Harderwijk, The Netherlands.

We also took sidetrips to Belgium, Germany and France
(above): With the Klerekopers in Cologne

Paul at a Belgian
topless beach

Paul with a group of Indonesian students in Holland; we discussed the opportunities Indonesia offers for marine biologists

Paul is a tireless teacher;
Recently he won awards for "Distance Educator" and was recommended for "Best College Biology Teacher", a distinction he certainly deserves in view of his dedication and his reaching out beyond his College to learn and to teach.
In 1995, we coauthored a paper on Caribbean Coastal Management. With our associates, we promote environmental teaching and research through ESRA; in January, 1999, Paul conducted a workshop on distance education in Ethiopia.

For almost one decade, Paul and I have pursued and enjoyed numerous common interests, and I have great respect for his expertise and dedication. Our next joint effort will be a journey to Indonesia, 1999/2000,d.v....This 'tribute to Paul' page was made by Ben Oostdam on February 20, 1999.