Rudy Klerekoper

My best roommate and friend!
1956 - today

(far left):
Rudy joined our Bangkok mess in 1956
(center and above):
We took a trip to Kanchanaburi
on my Vespa on March 24/5, 1956

We also drove to Hua Hin,
September 15/6, 1956:
I brought the jeep, he the women: ;o]
Jen Turner and Cynthia Ellis,
of the British Embassy
Rudi and I have known each other for 43 years. He is the most considerate person I know and deservedly married one of the loveliest women: Irene.
After I left Bangkok in 1957, Rudi served as station manager for KLM all over the world, and we met again and again in such places as Ibadan (1965), Bahrain (1977), Manila (1987) and the USA . In between we had numerous "rijsttafels" in Amsterdam , The Hague and Uithoorn, Holland; sometime these included our friends Jan (Ruud's predecessor-roommate in Bangkok and my fellow banker/scooter addict) and Gerda Hempenius, and Paul Billeter.
Here's wishing for many more festive occasions and grandchildren!

(above and below right):
Ruud and I in Manila, 1987

(bottom and center left):
At the joyful wedding of their son, Ralph and Lisa, (the source of their grandchildren) in Maryland,
December, 1987

To Rudi and Irene on the occasion of their babysit visit to the grandchildren in Leesburg, VA in Februari, 1999 ...
with warmest regards and love from Ben
Of course, we all appreciate the KLM, too! Just imagine how much that babysitting would have cost otherwise?

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