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Working Around Opa's Place

December, 1998

Here we are again at the "Pit of 115 Crickets"
where we are building a pavilion
using alternative building methods...

(psht, do not let my other grandfather hear about this!)

I am climbing up past
the plastic bag retaining wall
to the wood wall...

look at the drainpipes we are installing... into the ditch we dug by hand (and shovel)
I am ramming earth and
water in a plastic bag...

...which OPA ties up

Here you can see me working
carefully with an ax...

on the grass-sod wall,
outdoors as late as December 16!
But now it is December 24
and we have the first snow!
so we had to cover the strawbales
with thick plastic sheets.

and OPA awarded me
this ---> ninja star for
my outstanding services!

BLO fecit
26/7 XII 1998
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