The fires of chaos burn within a shell of order...

Thus the struggle within these two elemental forces begin.

And the struggle may be so, until these forces sleep, only to awaken once again...

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Blades and mages have landed on this isle's shores times.

Order. Chaos. Two sides of the same coin, really. Both are opposing forces, yet are intertwined and closely linked that the death of one would cancel the other out as well. Chaos has been identified with evil and/or greedy white wizards out for domination. Order has been mastered by good and/or honest black wizards who counter chaos where they are found. But both are subject to corruption by individuals who will use order and chaos as agents of change.

And the gray wizards? They are the individuals who have accepted chaos within a shell of order, who often are called upon to defend the ideals they believe in, and save the world in which they reside.

This site is a tribute to the wonders evoked by L.E. Modesitt Jr.'s Recluce Saga, a collection of six books (now seven, the latest volume recently having been released) which deals with the struggle between order and chaos, and attractions that each would have for us all.

The Wayfarer's Gate

Welcome to the Gate! The Gatekeeper will now escort you to your choice of destination. You may choose to venture into further into the intriguing world of fantasy and Recluce. Or, opt to explore and entirely different world in Japanese animation.

Mage, the choice is yours. Just has it always has been, and always will be.

Recluce/Fantasy Sites

L.E. Modesitt, Jr. - Recluce: Order and Chaos, general information about the Recluce saga
Lerris' Recluce Site: Another bastion of order and information
The Worlds of L.E.M.: More on Recluce and other related Modesitt information
Fantasy Finder:Fantasy Links: One of the ultimate fantasy resources in the Net
TOR Books' Web Site: Information on the series from the publisher itself
Barnes and Noble: A place to buy L.E. Modesitt's books

General Sites

The Dragon Ball Z/DBZ Lair: DBZ is a Japanese anime with a hyperfighting theme
Ryquest's Realm: My alter ego's own web space ;)
The Anime Web Turnpike: Need help finding anime sites? Wander no more!
Cheryl's Home Page: Meet a very interesting and creative friend of mine

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