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Specs & Company Info:

Due to its design, Technique's aluminum EXPERT, PRO,- XL, CRUISER frames have quite a unique look to them. Instead of using round aluminum tubing, they opted to go with a monocoque design. The frames start off as sheets of 4 x 12 6061-T6 aluminum. The general shape is then cut out through a stamping process, and then the aluminum is formed by what is called a Hydra-Form Die, After the different pieces are cut and formed they are then welded together with long seams down the middle this can be seen best in the front triangle.

The Workmanship On these Frames, The time spent on all The welds & The Polishing is a true work of art

Technique frames were quite expensive back in the days before 1 1/8 threadless forks and before canitlever brakes on BMX bikes. Most were 20" pro and Pro xl, a few Rare cruisers were welded up. Manufactured in Sothern California in the mid to late 1990's. I believe that Mike Redman from Redman BMX bought the company. they also made square cranks and strange lengths like 168mm 171mm,176mm 181mm 186mm type sizes.Most of The frames had the big American bottom bracket a few had the euro bottom bracket. Sort of a monoque style front end and squared off tubing

The Technique frame weighs in at a very light 3 lbs. 12 oz. This is very noticeable when on the track. The bike we tested was quick to maneuver while jumping. It's also got a fairly short rear triangle so speed jumping was very easy it actually took some getting used to. We also found the Technique to be extremely stiff and solid due to its monocoque design. Acceleration was pretty good, and the 75 degrees head tube angle made for quick steering.

Have you looked for parts for a Techniques they are Rare and Hard to come by. These bikes are like the Rolls Royce of 20" bmx kind'a like a Pantera & DeLoean, You don't see them that offen far a few between

The Technique sold as frame only for around $430 a little steep compared to your average frame, but what you get is a light, quick, and solid race machine with a different look.

Frame Weight: 3 lbs. 12 oz.
Head Tube Length: 4"
Head Tube Angle: 75 degrees
Seat Tube Angle: 71 degrees
Steerer Tube Size: 1-1/8
Top Tube Length: Expert 19" Pro 20-1/2"   XL 21" & The Very Rare Cruiser Frame
Top Tube Outer Diameter: N/A
Down Tube Outer Diameter: N/A
Seat Tube Inside Diameter: 26.9- 27 mm
Seat Tube Outer Diameter: N/A
Bottom Bracket Height: 12"
Chainstay Length: 14-3/8 15-1/2
Chainstay Outer Diameter: N/A
Wheelbase: 37-1/2

Dan's 98 Parts list           Dan's 99 Parts list

Technique Stickers

Technique Stickers $20.00 a set
The set includes 2 small ones 3.5"(for crank arms)
2 large ones 5" (for the Frame)
Colors are Black,
Green, Blue, Gold, Silver, Orange, Red, White
Shipping $6.00 With Tracking #

Parts List

Frame: Technique Pro
Cranks: Technique 181mm
Sprocket: Technique Spider w/38t w/14t Free Wheel
Forks: Rocket
Handelbars: Redline Forklifters Bars
Stem: 1 1/8 Powerlite
Headset: 1 1/8 Chris King
Grips: Rouge Lock-ons
Seatpost:GT Aluminum
Seat: Dominator
Chain: KMC 710SL
Bottom Bracket:Am.
Brakes: Hayes MX4 Mechanical Disc Brake
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted with 1999 $0.25 as Dust Caps
Rear Wheel: Diamondback With DB sealed flip flop Hub
Front Wheel: Diamondback With DB sealed Hub
Tires: Tioga Comp 3 Rainbow
Chain Tensioners: 3/8 Redline

Heres a few links on where I found my Disc Brake set up

Disc Brake Bracket Billet
Disc Brake Rotor Converter

Everything is Mirror Polished 6061 T6 Aluminum
The whole bike is weighing in at total of 20 1/2 Pounds. w/disc Brake
Sealed Polished Aluminum Hubs one side takes a 16t freewheel
other side takes a 15-13t freewheel or a
Disc brake Rotor Converter
the 3/8 axle's are hollow.

I would have gone with their Carbon Fiber Hubs But I hear they had to rebuild a lot of them once the flanges broke loose (Carbon separating from the Aluminum held together by glue). Just like the Nuke Proof carbon fiber hubs.

6061 T6 Aluminum 1995 ROCKET 20" 1 1/8" BMX FORKS 1.68 lbs VERY RARE I Bought These on e-bay Big time score

Rocket was a successfull early 90s company out of Florida. Bill Prince ran it. He used to race and ran many teams, among them MCS and Cyclecraft at some point I think. Ran the teams, but this was his company. Some top Florida riders raced for Rocket. Cory Demberger, TJ Beach come to mind. They had Red, White and Black uniforms and even had their own set of BMX team trading cards.



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