51st Orleans Sparks 

For fun and Friendship!

  The 51st Orleans Sparks are in the White Pines District. We have fifteen girls aged 5 & 6, are two leaders now answer to the names Diamond and Rainbow.

We meet every Tuesday from 6:15 to 7:15.

The Spark program is designed to foster good values and to nurture the self-esteem of our girls.

Some of our favorite things to do at our meetings are crafts, play games, and sing songs together.


  Our unit as well as the other Girl Guides in the Eastbrook Division, had a fantastic time at the fabulous fall frolic at MacSkimmings. The Sparks enjoyed a day at the farm.

A special thank you to Shirley MacFadden-Geiger and the many others who helped to organize this event including the wonderful staff at MacSkimmings.

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