The Taheb, the Restorer,

A Prophet like Moses

By shomron

The meaning of Taheb

The word Taheb means restore or return. There are two meanings to this word deriving to an end meaning. First, the ‘Taheb’ is the return of the tribes back to Israel, to the true word of the Torah. Second, is there will come a restorer, a prophet like Moses according to Deuteronomy xviii,15 and 18. This restorer will carry the rod of Moses working signs to prove of his mission. He will not be a priest but a prophet. His name is not known but he will be of the tribe of Joseph, that is Ephraim. He will join Ephraim (Israel) and Judah unto the once original Israel to the initial place of worship on Mount Gerizim. He will restore all that was lost through the years from the Torah. He will discover and erect the Tabernacle with its vessels that were buried in a cave beneath the mount (buried 261 years after Moses’ death) along with the Omer of Mana. He will place the Ark of the Testimony in its proper place. The Priests will again serve in the Tabernacle where the offerings will continue to be made. The High Priest will make atonement for himself and the congregation.

The Taheb’s reign is compared to that of Joseph in Egypt where comes no suffering or toil. This servant of our Creator will bring final and irrevocable salvation to Israel for all time. The people will repent and renew their part of the covenant to its proper status. The promise given to the ancient Hebrews will finally be kept forever. In accomplishing his designed task he will die and be buried among the ‘Pure-Ones’ at the foot of Mount Gerizim.

It must also be noted that the word ‘taheb’ when not used as a proper name means, ‘repentant.’ This word “Taheb” in the proper name signifies the glory of “The return to God.” May we be prepared in the days to come!

---From the Samaritan book, Marqah, Memar 4.7, 12:

A Restorer [Taheb] will come in peace; he will rule the places of the perfect and reveal the Truth. Heed and hear! Stand in Truth! Clear your arguments! "For YHWH will judge his people" (Deut 32:36a): The "people" of YHWH is Jacob, the branches and the chief root, and the branches from fathers to sons; from Noah, the root, even to the Restorer, the branch... The word of Truth will penetrate and illumine the world, in which he will come to dwell. How great is the hour when one comes to hear the voice of God walking throughout the world; and all creatures shall be in order and bow their heads; their hearts will shiver and their eyes droop and their limbs shake from fear on the day of Judgment. And the mouth of Deity will speak: "Now see that I, I am he [ani ani hu]!" (Deut 32:39a) Those who rest and know this will then be saved. "See, I have taught you rules and judgments" (Deut 4:5). "Only be on your guard" (Deut 4:9)! I, I (am) he who stands above creation and above Mount Sinai! I, I (am) he who is and there is none beside me! I, I (am) he who is without time and without place! I, I (am) he who is the life of the world [chayyei 'olam]! I, I (am) he who suspended and split by my power! I, I (am) he who planted the Garden and uprooted Sodom! I, I (am) he who uprooted and stripped away! I, I (am) he to whom all belongs and to whom (all) return! I, I (am) he who puts all the living to death and makes all the dead live! I, I (am) he who encircles my foes with vengeance! And now it is good for us to rely on the Truth and to tremble because of his might! Perhaps we will find the way of prosperity!