The visitor to Flossenbuerg can hardly grasp that where he stands today there was once a concentration camp where many thousand people suffered an agonising death.

The camp was only 300 metres from the castle and 100 metres distant from the last small house in Flossenbuerg. Its entrance was on the north-west side, through the wide gates in the two-storey stone administration building in the SS section of the camp. Inside this gate, to both the left and right, stretched rows of wooden barracks on regularly stepped terraces.

In these SS barracks – which no longer exist – lived the camp guards. Higher-ranking SS men stayed there overnight only when they were on duty. They and their families lived in handsome wooden villas which had been built for them on them on the south-western slope of the village, and which can still be seen today.

In this outer region of the camp were also located offices, workshops and storage rooms for the possessions of the prisoners which had been confiscated upon their arrival.

Most of their valuables had already been long since taken away from them.

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