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PACE Alternative School is an innovative alternative program targeted for students that are not reaching their full potential in a traditional school setting.

PACE is an acronym for


Achievement through



This embodies the philosophy of the program. The program is modeled after the Ombudsman Alternative High School in Libertyville, Illinois which has been operating since 1974.

PACE Alternative School is one of the five alternative programs under the direction of CESA #1. PACE works cooperatively with local districts to provide students that are in jeopardy of not graduating with an opportunity to complete the necessary requirements to obtain a diploma from their local high school. Districts identify and select the students who are enrolled at PACE.

Upon enrollment at
PACE, the student's basic skills are evaluated in the academic areas of mathematics, reading recognition, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. A comprehensive program is then designed for the student based on the information obtained. Students will build and enhance existing academic skills, develop self-esteem, and learn to accept responsibility. Instruction is delivered on an individual basis, working on the computer, or one-to-one with a teacher.

Students are required to achieve 90% mastery level on the material they are studying. They are also involved in the daily monitoring of their course work and charting their individual progress. Many students who have not succeeded in traditional classrooms have the opportunity to experience and monitor their success at

The teaching staff consists of four full time licensed teachers to service the sixty students. Twenty students attend a session at any one time.
PACE operates three sessions per day. This low teacher/student ratio fosters individual guidance, enabling students to succeed academically.

Features that set
PACE apart from the traditional classroom are:

PACE continues to update its technology and expand its curriculum by working with the districts that it services. New technology is incorporated as it becomes available. Community service projects are being designed to help students establish a sense of citizenship and build solid relationships with the community.

For further information about
PACE Alternative School contact Marty Gholston at (414)541-7941.

For information about CESA #1 or other programs it directs, contact Dr. Gavigan, CESA #1 Administrator at (414)546-3000.

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