Pillar Statues

perspective view of array of pillars
One can see students preparing for exams on the silent corridor of the temple, a usual scene in south Indian temples..

Pillars are mounted with huge 6 feet idols  of lord Muruga and other deites  at elevated angle.

Dhandayuthapani on the pillar

Subramaniyar on the pillar

Kannappa Nayanar, donating eye to Lord Shiva

Margandeyar hiding in the abode of Shiva when Yema(god of death) approaches. This story depicts the Hindu Mythology that god can save from death by giving the Motsha (liberation of death, birth cycle).

Ravana trying to shift Kailash( Abode of Siva) to Lanka due to his extreme love on him. Shiva forgives this act when Ravana uses his nerves as cords to play Veena ( a master of the instrument ).

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Other pillar works found in the temple