Theertham is a water source associated to a temple. In general each temple is associated with a water source. This water source can be a lake, pond, well, or even sea. It is assumed that piligrims takes bath at the Theertham and then go for the temple. Vaiyapuri Lake  is the Theertham associated with the Palani Murugan temple. Vaiyapuri Lake is connected to Shanmuga Nadhi ( river ). Shanmuga Nadhi is also considered as one of the Theerthams associated with Palani Murugan temple. There is also a book about Theerthams associated with Palani Murugan temple named Palani Murugan Kovilum Theerthamum (Language : Tamil ) written by Dr. P. Subramanian. This book deals in detail about all the Theerthams found in Palani.




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