Welcome to the Philadelphia Bisexual Community

Welcome to the Philadelphia Bisexual Community. Al place for Philadelphia and Delaware valley area Bisexuals to meet, chat, hang out and to strive to make the bisexual community of the Delaware valley more know to the LGBT community. We as Bisexual's of the Delaware valley have to be known and to have a presence in the gay and lesbian community. To show that we as Bisexual's are immportant to all LGBT and homosexual issues and causes. I belive that we as Bisexual's are never heard and spoken about.

The groups main purpose is to help the bisexual community maintain a presence in the LGBT community. The PBC has a purpose of keeping the bisexual community informed of the LGBT community. The Community is ment for philadelphia, western Pa and the delaware valley area Bisexuals to meet, mingle, hang out and connect with each other

I formed this group because the Bisexual community has been relativly unkown and has no presence in any LGBT events and LGBT community centers. Especially at the william Way LGBT center has no Bisexual precence and the club is being formed for bisexuals in the area to maintain a presence in the center

The PBC Membership Info

The Philadelphia Bisexual community membership information.
Anyone and everyone that is intersted to join the the The Philadelphia Bisexual community.
The requirements to join is as follows;
1. Email the Group director with the intent of
interest to join
2. I will send you via email and form to join
the PBC and you must return.
3. Upon recipt of email, you will be sent a email
membership card and letter with permission to join
the listserver and yahoo club 

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A yahoo Bisexual club
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