George was born in Liverpool, England on Feb.25,1943. In 1958 he joined Paul McCartney and John Lennon in the Quarrymen. He was only 15 years old. Their first released album in 1963 was "Please Please Me". George was lead guitarist, & sang for Chains & Do You Want To Know A Secret. His first songwriting abilities showed up with Don't Bother Me, which he wrote when he was sick in bed. In 1964 The Beatles made their first movie, A Hard Day's Night. In 1965, they made the movie Help! George also began playing the sitar which was used on their album that year, Rubber Soul, with the song Norwegian Wood. And, so it goes...the Beatles continued on with their Magical Mystery Tour. After the breakup, George organized the Concert For Bangladesh in 1971. He had personal successes with All Things Must Pass. This included the songs My Sweet Lord and What is Life. There were many other wonderful songs he contributed to the music industry, which I will explore deeper at a later time. In 1987 he released Cloud Nine with the song I Got My Mind Set On You. Later he formed The Traveling Wilbury's. George was married in 1966 to Patti Boyd. They divoced in 1977 and Patti fell for Eric Clapton, who is still George's friend. George re-married Olivia Trinidad Orias in 1978. They have one son, Dhani. George had already developed an interest years before in the Far Eastern philosophy. Today George's main interest is gardening. I will continue to add & update this site soon, as there is so much more to tell.