My Favorite Phantom of the Opera Leads

Kevin Grey and Teri Bibb  

        Ron Bohmer: I think Ron Bohmer is my favorite Phantom because he has a beautiful voice and is a great actor. He is also very powerful in all of his scenes, he fits the role very well. The way he does his Final Lair scene is amazing, it is really really powerful, and I don't think anyone else good perform that scene better than he can. His voice just soars through Music of the Night. And he worked soo well with Teri Bibb as Christine. It is a shame that he doesn't get to play the Phantom on the show's return LA engagement in August. I just hope he will be able to perform the role of the Phantom on Broadway very soon.

Teri Bibb: Teri is SPECTACULAR, I feel soo lucky to have been able to catch her perform the role of Christine in Chicago past May for her limited run in the role opposite Ron Bohmer. I was also able to see her back in 1993 in the same company, she was my very first Christine. Teri's voice is simply perfect in the role and her acting is superb. Her Think of Me is so beautifully done and she just looks the role very,  very well. If you ever have a chance to see Teri Bibb in the role of Christine, don't pass it up. 

Christopher Shyer: I don't like the character of Raoul that much but I had to choose a favorite. Christopher's voice is great and is All I Ask of You is very, very romantic. And worked really well with Melissa Dye in Toronto.

Patricia Hurd: Patricia Hurd is literally amazing in the role of Carlotta. She by far has the voice of an opera prima donna. She is also very hilarious. During her opening scene in Hannibal she took huge gasps of breath between singing, it was so funny. She is just the PERFECT Carlotta, and I'm glad she was chosen to perform the role of Carlotta for the Broadway 10th Anniversary production of the Phantom of the Opera.

Olga Talyn: Olga is simply perfect in the role of Mme Giry. You would actually think she was the real thing just by watching her perform, and her voice is very beautiful. When she performs the role she has great, suspicious looks during the show. I was able to catch her performance of Mme Giry twice, this past Month in Chicago and back in 1993 in Cleveland with the same company. She was my first Mme Giry.

Jennifer Dawn Stillings:  Jennifer is the nicest person I have ever met, it was like talking to a little girl, she was so sweat. She is a very, very beautiful dancer and can sing very well. She is deffanently the ideal Meg Giry. I caught her performance as Meg twice, in 1997 and 1998.

Melissa Dye: She was my first Christine and Christine alternate in Toronto, which was in 1995. She has a superb voice and beautiful acting skills. She performed great opposite Ciaran Sheehan in Point of no Return, it was very powerful and very romantic as well. She is also a very beautiful Christine Daae. Her Think of Me was also very moving to me.