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Konchiwa and Welcome to the Personla page this page is about me mostly and a few random things about the sight.

The Newspaperis basically a list of updates and i try to keep updated material on much of the stuff featured on this sight such as anime and video games, eyecandy is fanart and hopefull fanfics, coolstuff is just cool stuff that can be found on my sight such as desktop themes and other randome fun stuff, the transport are just links, the Contact states how you can reach me, trophies are the awards i may have won and the one that i give out, me is a short bio on ME, and Neon is all about my car- a dodge neon sport. In cas you are wondering i hop to start racing in solo 2 events. It racing for amatures. I am really into now.


Newspaper / Eyecandy / Cool Stuff / Transport / Contact / trophies / me / neon



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