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  1. Official Roger Waters Website
  2. The Pink Floyd Fan Club
  3. Floydian Slip - The Pink Floyd Experience
  4. An Interview with Storm Thorgerson - "Mind Over Matter: The Images of Pink Floyd" (Sanctuary Publishing; ISBN 1-86074-224-6), the new book by Storm Thorgerson, designer of nearly every Pink Floyd album cover, as well as loads of other classic images.
  5. EBAY Floyd Memorabilia
  6. Peter Houweling has an extensive collection of interviews with the Pink Floyd band members. Check them out HERE
  7. EXCLUSIVE - Audio biography of Pink Floyd , including interviews with all band members! 12 minutes long in MP3 format.
  8. Or see the video bio this was taken from, on WTUE's webpage. The direct links are LOW BANDWIDTH and HIGH BANDWIDTH. These require Windows Media Player. If these links get changed just visit WTUE Online and do a search for Pink Floyd!
  9. Legends of Rock in RealAudio
  10. The Wall Live in RealAudio (interviews and music)
  11. Who was Vera Lynn?

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