My Personal Links
My Personal Links

Another one of my web creations.....Sisco's Custom Monument Valley Tours

My newest creation.....The Arizona Tea Party Fan Page

Killer Bands I Know

Here are a few DOOR links to check out:
The Doors Official Web Site
A really Great Doors Site The Doors 2.9
Check in at The Morrison Hotel
Take a little ride on Dawn's Highway

Yet another one of my favorites....I could go on forever with Led Zeppelin here's a few..
Good page here at Buckeye's Led Zeppelin Page
What a Page! Great graphics! Led Zeppelin No Quater

I would'nt be here if it was'nt for this guy. Thanks Paul!

Paul Nettle's awesome Home Page

Another one of my buddies home page. The Macintosh Guru....Doug Winterbauer..... Welcome to the Doug Winterbauer World Wide Web Page

Other Links I Like

CMEX...Center for Mars Exploration Home Page
c/net online
ZD Net Home Page
Apple Computer
The Weather Channel Home Page
This is where I work...
Discovery Channel
Comedy Central
Macworld Online
MacInTouch Home Page
Mac Sites and Software

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