Recent information from official sources says that Pink Floyd is presently busy finishing a new album, though David Gilmour and others close to the band have denied that there is any activity in the Pink Floyd camp.

A representative of the band at Capitol Records, Pink Floyd's U.S. label, has told others in the music industry several stories suggesting that Pink Floyd is very active at this time. There is nothing, however, to back up the rumors. Among other claims from Capitol Records was the story that Pink Floyd recently submitted a demo of their next album to Capitol, who rejected the demo and send the band back to the drawing board. This story remains unconfirmed, and stands on shakey ground at best.

On 1 January 1998, David Gilmour appeared on the Jools Holland Hootenanny on British television BBC2 to perform with B.B. King. Holland asked Gilmour, "Could we predict another Pink Floyd record this year?"

"I doubt this year," Gilmour replied. Holland asked whether there might be an album by the year 2000.

"Dunno," responded the Floyd's guitarist. "Sorry, it's a rash prediction."

It may be important to note that the interview was actually prerecorded on 31 December 1997, so Gilmour's statement that there would be no new Pink Floyd album "this year" may have been meaningless, referring to 1997 rather than 1998.

More recently, the Album Network contacted Pink Floyd's management to invite the band to participate in a program marking the 25th anniversary of the release of "Dark Side of the Moon." The Album Network was told that the band could not be involved because they are busy completing their next album. Unfortunately, the reply was very unclear about how close to completion the alleged album may be, and the report cannot be independently verified.

Info was taken from The Steel Breeze News Letter

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