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Cahri & Pinot's fresh collection of FREE places to chat & play scrabble on-line, gather Free Graphics & otherwise have fun online.  
  Play Hasbro Scrabble® CD-ROM On-line
Excellent easy-to-play Java versions of Scrabble, Scrabble Blitz, Upwords and Boggle. You only need a java-based Browser to play/watch as a guest or register for FREE and be able to chat and be rated based on the outcome of your individual games. Rating levels make it simpler for competitive players to seek out more serious gamers at advanced tables, while inexperienced players--or users that are just looking to pass some time and socialize--can play in a beginner's lobby. Highly Reccomended!

MSN Gaming Zone
You need the retail release of the Hasbro Scrabble® CD-ROM and you will need to install the free Zone software & game patch available at the Zone to join a multiplayer game of Scrabble®, and socialize with fellow gamers from around the world 24 hours a day FREE!

checkanieGroup for Scrabble/NetWordz Players
Download FREE NetWordz 2.13 and/or the Hasbro Em@il scrabbble game client that allows you to respond and play Scrabble via Email with others who have the Hasbro Em@il CD-Rom. Then find and communicate with other Scrabble enthusiasts here for online or Email games, Schedule online Scrabble/NetWordz games, share your photos and favorite scrabble links, send and receive emails, have private group chats or have free internet telephone conversations. Check it out!


checkaniPlay Em@il Scrabble for FREE
Scrabble Players Registry for the Hasbro Em@il Scrabble game. If you don't have the CD-Rom you can download the FREE client here that allows you to respond and play the game with others who do have the CD-Rom. Plays are exchanged by Email. When you receive an Em@il Scrabble move, you just click on the attachment, and the game launches. Recommended!

Games are conducted via email, so there is no need for any additonal software. Email Maureen Brown stating your nick/name, email address, location, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level player, and how often you can play. You will then be matched with other similar players, and can begin playing. Membership is FREE and your name, Email address and details will not be revealed to any person or company. Membership is no longer limited to UK players!

This Electronic Scrabble Grand-Master allows any number of players to play a distributed Scrabble game via email , by acting as a FREE independant third-party whose role is simply to hand out letters as needed.

The Scrabble® Site
A fast site where you can play scrabble® against the computer in one of these languages : English, French, Romanian. No ICQ, no ftp, no mIRC, no other internet facilities besides your internet connection and a browser that supports Java. Enjoy a game today!

Nancy's Scrabble® Homepage
Nancy has a very good "How To" page for playing the Hasbro Scrabble® CD-ROM on the internet, tips for AOL & Mac Scrabblers and a HUGE email registry of players. There is also a very active chat page where there seems to always be folks chatting & playing.

Joyce's Scrabble® Mania
Everything you need to Play Scrabble on the Zone including the Patch and help for Newbies they claim! As well as Tourneys hosted on a regular basis. Check it out!

ICQ Scrabble® Players Registry
Join this "Virtual Community" of scrabble players and connect with other players of the Hasbro Scrabble® CD-ROM and/or FREE NetWordz version 2.13 on the internet.

Have Fun!!   Happy Scrabbling!
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