Luminous Bardo,

a silk design created by Australian designer Patricia Black which formed part of the New Zealand Wearable Art Show tour of Singapore.

Photograph: Reuters

Patricia Black

Poet of Cloth

Patricia's unique aesthetic, through her specialization in the ancient Japanese dyeing technique of 'shibori' has found expression in diverse fields such as textile installations, costume design, and dance, through to limited edition contemporary 'wearables'.

Her work has been acquired in world-wide collections - in New Zealand, by the New Zealand Wearable Art Awards, Nelson and in Japan, (1993,International Shibori Society) and the Gunma Silk Corporation of Japan(1998).

As a costume and set designer, her work has been commissioned for the Australian National Gallery, Canberra (1990), NSW Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia and the Textile Museum of Venice (1997).

She delivers workshops internationally, as with Art Viva (Florence, Italy). Her specific textile techniques include 'shibori', 3-D cloth manipulations and devore, and commissioned work is considered.

Patricia Black
P.O. Box 81